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The REOFFENDERS are on an indefinite break. Never say never, but we currently have no plans to play. However, we had joy and we had fun... and we blogged about it. Enjoy reading and reliving some good times.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Branscome Air Day

We arrived at Branscombe at about 1pm on Saturday, indulging in a small scale police escort down the country lanes to prevent us from driving over any of the public. That wouldn't be good for PR!

Marquee dressed with a starry sky at the Branscombe Air DayThe marquee where the bands would play had been given a starry sky... it looked rather amazing! And to my delight, the bar was stocked up with Bays Gold. Lots of it! Yay!

The Funking Barstewards were setting up and soundchecking (and they have A LOT of stuff!) so we had a bit of a wait before we could get our gear on stage so we went for a wander to look at planes.

Paul and I lost interest almost immediately whilst John was quietly intrigued and Rob was just downright giddy with excitement! His mate Zac had a plane there and was offering to take us up as passengers. I do believe Mr Hoover banned any of us from going up in it pre-gig! He was worrying that we'd all break ourselves! Bless!

After we had soundchecked, the majority of the planes had left and so Zac pointed us to a spot just off the runway where we could camp which was nice and close to the hanger where we were playing. Tents were put together and the customary tin of beer was opened.

FGC, a female fronted band from Kingston upon Thames, were the first band to play. I was rather taken by their version of "No Woman No Cry".

Running time had slipped a bit so we made an effort to be as quick as possible getting ready when FGC finished playing. Credit to the band and the sound engineers... we clawed back the time that the stage was running late. Yay!

The REOFFENDERS at Branscombe Air DayWe blasted through 18 songs in an hour with a great reception from the audience. It was 70s (both in music and fancy dress - some of the outfits in the audience were totally brilliant!) night so we stuck to the classics despite cries for Rancid. It was great to have a big stage to run around on again :-)

David, the owner of the airfield, was delighted with our performance and gave us a pile of beer tokens as we came off stage. Oh... alright then, go on!

And so the silliness began! For what I think is the first time in the history of the band, all five Reoffenders got hammered. It's not big or clever though, we're utterly ashamed! But it was lovely to have played a good gig, made the booker a happy bunny and be camping over so no-one had to drive. And we all had a bit of a boogie to the Funking Barstewards. Photos of our gig and the stupidity afterwards can be found on facebook.


Brilliant gig at Branksome. Never seen you before and didn't even know you were playing. Not a big disco fan, so to have you there absolutely made my night. Great set, sore throat the next morning, after screaming along to some old favourites and some excellent adaptations!............Can't wait to do it all again in Shaldon on the 8th!!!

By Blogger Mick, at 5:57 pm, July 28, 2009  

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Pear Tree Gig Postponed

After booking our first Plymouth gig in ages, we've had to postpone! Doh!

Unfortunately a hiccup has arisen with the pub's music licence and whilst its just a formality to sort out, it does mean that we don't know exactly when it will be sorted and therefore causes problems promoting the gig.

So, we shall let the powers at be dot their i's and cross their t's and rearrange the gig in a few weeks time hopefully. Watch this space.


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New T-Shirt

Well, I've sent off the design to the printer and we should have tshirts available within the next fortnight.

We'll be ordering small, medium, large, XL and XXL although the bulk of our order will be in medium and large. We can get kids sizes if I know in advance but we won't be ordering these as standard sizes so please get in touch if you want anything a bit unusual.

We're also planning to have two colours available - red or black. Let us know what your preference is as we're currently not sure which will sell quicker.

Anyway, here it is in all its glory

New Reoffenders tshirt design


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Monday, July 20, 2009

Branscombe Air Day on Saturday!

The annual air day and classic car show will be held at Branscombe Airfield on Saturday. And, as its the 30th anniversary of the show they'll be a big party in the hanger in the evening with "three great bands" playing.. yes, you guessed it, one of those great bands is The REOFFENDERS.

Billed as a 70s-themed "Flying Funk" party, The REOFFENDERS will be popping up to deliver some Flying Punk to the proceedings. Topping the bill will be The Funking Barstewards, who are the top band in the UK for all things Funk. Also on the bill will be FGC, who hail from Kingston-upon-Thames (which is near where my sister lives)

All parking and camping is free.

Ticket prices are:

Air Day (11:30 - 17:30)
Adult £10
Child (5-15) £5
OAP £5
Family of 4 £25

Music Festival (18:00 - 01:00)
Over 18s only £10 adv £15 door

To reserve advance tickets for the music, call 01297 680259 or email, and say The REOFFENDERS sent you!

Flying Funk

Air Day


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Saturday, July 18, 2009

New meets old at The Crawford

It's always a great night at The Crawford, and we were looking forward to seeing lots of friendly faces at what is now very much a "home gig" for The REOFFENDERS. Mind you, when we said we expected to see faces we knew, we didn't expect to see Bully walk in just as we started playing. And shortly afterwards, up pops young Katie Tefal too!

As you guys will know, Bully had to leave the band rather more rapidly than we all expected when he was rushed to hospital for "a bit of surgery". So, it was especially nice to see him. Katie was also pleased to report that she's off for another month-long tour of Germany in October.. go Katie!


As for the gig, I think it was the best and the hottest of the year so far. The heat, while certainly excessive, was made worse for me by my herioc decision to wear my leather jacket ensemble this time out... by the end of the show I'd downed 4 or 5 pints of water...

The Crawford Cheers

As ever, The Crawford audience danced and sang along like good 'uns and a great time was had by all. Highlight for the band was "California Dreaming", which I think is set fair to become a REOFFENDERS classic!

Thanks to Bev for taking the pics ;o)


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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day of Two Gigs - Part Two

Whenever we do the kazoo intro to a new audience, I'm never sure what they're thinking. The kazoos = cheese. The Final Countdown = cheese. Put them together = quattro fromage with parmesan on top! There were some bemused looks as people tried to work out what we were but then a quick launch into Neat Neat Neat sorts that out. We were rattling through songs at an amazing speed, so much so that I was trying to think of extra songs to put in the set!

The rain had lowered the numbers for Topshambles. It had rained continuously since mid afternoon and was a pretty miserable day for camping. But the hardcore who'd turned out (including a guy who'd ridden down from Barry!) were up for a good time. We had lots of positive comments from people at half time and at the end which was nice. It's not only a new audience for us but a new type of audience, with us being Scooter Do virgins before last night.

A good night was had by all and we left the party animals dancing to Trumpy and Didge's deejaying into the early hours of the morning. Top night guys, thanks!


A superb, if wet, afternoon made even better by copious amounts of cider and some good punk rock. Shame it ended so quickly. If only if it hadn't been for all the yokels trying drink yards of ale !!!

By Blogger Gary, at 12:38 pm, July 14, 2009  

Hey Gary, look us up on Facebook! We've got loads more pics/videos and stuff on there

By Blogger Heather, at 2:36 pm, July 14, 2009  

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Day of Two Gigs

So part one of the day is complete!

We started by setting up our PA, drum kit and amps at Topsham FC to soundcheck for tonight's gig. They have a DJ on all afternoon and don't really want us soundchecking late. All that done, the drum kit is dismantled and the amps and drums loading into the van to drive to Newt Beer Festival.

We arrived at Newt just before 3pm and had a bit of time to get some chips (and I managed to get a beer) and say hello to Gary from Taunton who we haven't seen in ages and was sporting a rather nice tshirt ;-). It was also good to see Jamie from the Simmertones although we didn't really manage to talk. Boo hiss.

We were due onstage at 4.10pm but the yard of ale competition ran on a little later than expected and so we had to cut our set a bit. However we flew through the songs to squeeze in as much as possible and had the audience bouncing around the marquee... at 4.30 in the afternoon! Result!

Big thanks to everyone from Wellington who were down the front, Matt and Ken from Fizzy Milk and Gary from Taunton. It was great to see so many familiar faces, and to see so many people bobbing up and down to Seasons in the Sun! Yay!

We're gonna have some grub now and then do it all again at Topsham Football Club. Tune in for the next thrilling installment...


As Gary was wearing a Reoffenders T-shirt loads of people thought he was in the band and kept coming up telling him how good it was! We overheard several other positive comments too. Gary and I thoroughly enjoyed it - he always looks forward to a bit of moshing!!

By Blogger TopCat, at 11:39 am, July 14, 2009  

A superb afternoon. Very wet. Good cider and a great performance by the west's best punk band !

By Blogger Gary, at 1:11 pm, July 14, 2009  

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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Andy's 'Leaving the Navy' Party

Andy ParsonsWe'd been booked to play a private party for Andy Parsons (who has seen us in more venues and in the most random places than anyone else I can think of) to celebrate his leaving the Navy.

We arrived there mid afternoon to setup and to pitch tents. First entertainment of the day was watching Rob and Debi scratching their heads over how to put up the tent that they'd borrowed, but we did all help out rather than let them struggle with it.

After a sit in the sun with a beer and some BBQ food, I watched the start of The Darlington's set and then went to get changed into stagewear. The time just seemed to vanish!

We had a few new songs for tonight so I deliberately didn't indulge in the barrels of beer that Andy and Helen had got in. Not till I get the words right!

Most of the audience hadn't seen us before and didn't seem entirely sure what to make of us at first, but they soon got into the spirit of things and the party really got going!

Andy Parsons dancing to In The NavyAndy's son, Joe guest starred on guitar for Dammit which was very cool, and then got up again to play Green Day's Time of Your Life with Helen singing specially rewritten lyrics.

We'd also be learning a song specifically for this gig - The Village People, In the Navy! There were lots of navy types leaping around excitedly, which I assume doesn't normally happen to cheesy songs as a rule. Indesit and Hoover both really like the song and think it might get another airing. Rob's threatening to cut his fingers off on stage if we do. Watch this space!

Andy Parsons dancing to In The NavyTwas a late night to bed for us. After we finished, we caught up on the beer a bit. We all drifted to bed between the hours of 3 and 5am which normally would be fine(ish) but if you've ever slept in a tent, you'll know that they can turn into ovens at 8am. We packed away (slowly) and then headed to a roadside cafe for breakfast before parting ways.

Thanks to Helen, Andy and Joe for making us part of the party. We had an absolute ball! If you want to see more photos, head on over to the photo album on Facebook. Oh and become a fan while you're there ;-)


Was a good party! Thanks to Paul for letting me play and use his amp during the afternoon and also the Darlingtons for letting me use theirs for Dammit!

By Blogger parsons19, at 3:27 pm, July 06, 2009  

It was a great night. Thanks for helping it happen. Andy and I are totally knackered. Think from the pics I should put the striped trousers on ebay and retire gracefully!!!!

By Blogger Helen P, at 3:59 pm, July 06, 2009  

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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Talk About Last Minute!

On Friday, I was phoning a few venues trying to find more gigs for this year and along the way, I phoned the Manor Hotel in Cullompton. "How about tonight?" was the answer I got! Gulp, erm, give me half an hour to check what we're up to tonight.

And so half an hour later, we confirmed that we were available. This was at about 5pm! Hoover and I had to work until 8pm and then it was straight in the van and onto the M5.

I rather liked the space that we had there... a stage at the far end of a long bar with great access for loading equipment. It seemed a quiet night in Cullompton generally (bloody Wimbledon!) but a few people who'd come in for the band who'd cancelled stayed to see what we were about and thoroughly enjoyed it. In the second half, the pub filled up quite a bit and we had a fair few dancers.

Landlord happy, punters happy and hopefully a new venue! Hurrah! Not bad for a fluke phone call :-D


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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Tshirts Out and About

kevin from ExmouthI knew I'd forget to tell you something....

At Glastonbury, we wandered into the real ale tent to see a guy wearing a Reoffenders t shirt. Turns out to be Kevin who we got up on stage at Exmouth on his birthday. It was great to see the t shirt out and about and to learn that half an hour earlier, a guy from Taunton had been there wearing one. Yay!


the T shirt made in back home in one piece not so sure i did,hope u had a good one

By Blogger sleezy, at 9:31 am, July 03, 2009  

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