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The REOFFENDERS are on an indefinite break. Never say never, but we currently have no plans to play. However, we had joy and we had fun... and we blogged about it. Enjoy reading and reliving some good times.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

New meets old at The Crawford

It's always a great night at The Crawford, and we were looking forward to seeing lots of friendly faces at what is now very much a "home gig" for The REOFFENDERS. Mind you, when we said we expected to see faces we knew, we didn't expect to see Bully walk in just as we started playing. And shortly afterwards, up pops young Katie Tefal too!

As you guys will know, Bully had to leave the band rather more rapidly than we all expected when he was rushed to hospital for "a bit of surgery". So, it was especially nice to see him. Katie was also pleased to report that she's off for another month-long tour of Germany in October.. go Katie!


As for the gig, I think it was the best and the hottest of the year so far. The heat, while certainly excessive, was made worse for me by my herioc decision to wear my leather jacket ensemble this time out... by the end of the show I'd downed 4 or 5 pints of water...

The Crawford Cheers

As ever, The Crawford audience danced and sang along like good 'uns and a great time was had by all. Highlight for the band was "California Dreaming", which I think is set fair to become a REOFFENDERS classic!

Thanks to Bev for taking the pics ;o)


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