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The REOFFENDERS are on an indefinite break. Never say never, but we currently have no plans to play. However, we had joy and we had fun... and we blogged about it. Enjoy reading and reliving some good times.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Iggy Scuppers Gig

Sorry to anyone who turned out a Chard. Our van broke down just outside Exeter and I've literally just got back in the house. The others have gone to unload everything and put our gear into cars for tomorrow. Even if we set off now, we wouldn't be able to start playing until about 11pm! A bit too late!

Iggy got towed back to Exeter and is sitting very sad at a garage waiting for a nice man to fix him (hopefully) tomorrow

So sorry.... first time this has ever happened to us, hopefully the last


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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Facebook Profile

We now have a Facebook profile... like there's not enough things to update on the internet ;-)

Because Facebook makes it so easy to add pics, I'm going to put a lot more photos of us on there. Also Facebook is less of an "offical" thing so we can be a bit more random.

So go to our Facebook profile and become a fan!


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Earlier in the year, Hoover and I had created a custom made REOFFENDERS monopoly board for events of Indesit's birthday and Toshiba's departure to Brighton. It features venues we've played as the properties, band members as the stations and all the community chests and chances have been changed to be more relevant to the band.

Ms Tefal had mentioned to me a little while ago that she is a bit of a Monopoly queen and, I believe the term was, "I'm gonna kick your lily ass". *ahem* Right then! Bring it on!

So on Friday night, we got together to sort it out. Bully was out gigging with his acoustic duo, Fruitcake, so couldn't be there but Marnie and John's daughter Kataya joined in so we had a full table.

Fueled by beer, pringles and pizza, the game went on till the small hours of the morning where Marnie and Kataya were still fighting it out to the death and the rest of us had lost interest. We think Kataya would've won if she hadn't given up and gone to bed and as we caught Marnie cheating anyway, I think that makes Kataya the winner.

A rematch is needed! This time using the kiddie rules ;-)

We're so rock n roll!


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Friday, November 23, 2007

New Tshirts

From 1st December, we'll have REOFFENDERS tshirts available. They're Gildan Heavyweight tshirts with front and back print, on sale for £10 + P&P

Get on over to to order yours

Johnny Hoover modelling the new tshirt


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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cornwall 2008 Tour Booked

The August 2008 tour is complete! Wahoo.

Wed 6 - Finn McCouls, Falmouth
Thur 7 - Bell Inn, Helston
Fri 8 - Tyacks, Camborne
Sat 9 - Copperhouse, Hayle
Wed 13 - Harlyn Inn, Padstow
Fri 15 - Sand Bar, Praa Sands
Sat 16 - First and Last, Sennen
Sun - Golden Lion, St Ives

It's the longest we've done so far with 8 gigs in 12 days. Just a shame that there's nowhere does a Monday night as there's quite a gap in the middle of the tour.

It's also the first time I've concentrated on a particular geographic area. With the exception of the Padstow gig, it's all in the south of the county. We stayed at a peachy little campsite near St Ives so I think we'll be returning there for our base, although I will miss the Cliff Top Bar.


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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thanks Exmouth

Thank you to all the patient people of Exmouth who had to listen to the same song introduction over a dozen times as we sound checked on Saturday. Our trusty PA seemed a little unhappy about something and we were having terrible problems with it peaking and making nasty noises out front.

The quick fix was to put as little as possible through it which meant we had very little onstage sound making it quite difficult for us to hear what each other were doing.

The Exmouth audience were dancing around from start to finish, with Claire behind the bar going nuts when we played Rancid. Thanks guys, it made the technical problems not feel so stressful :-D


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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Groupies in Guernsey

Hoover's throw away statement about flights being cheap to come and see us at Guernsey seems to have caught on. There's ten people already told me they want to come over. This could be a very cool party!

Anyway, if you are up for it, mosey on to Flybe and book your flight and drop us a line to say that you're coming (just so that we can get more excited!).


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Thursday, November 08, 2007

New Poster Design

Once they're printed, you'll be seeing the new poster popping up at REOFFENDERS venues up and down the land.

Maybe we'll get some signed and framed versions out in time for Christmas... the rock 'n' roll swindle continues eh boys and girls.

Keep it Punk

Hoover x


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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

REOFFENDERS to go to Guernsey in 2008

To be precise, on Friday March 14th 2008, The REOFFENDERS will be flying out from Exeter to play three gigs in Guernsey at
The Doghouse in St Peter Port.

The Friday and Saturday night will be full-on punky sets from The REOFFENDERS and then the Sunday lunchtime will be an acoustic session featuring the various acoustic talents of the band.

We'll be flying off early on Friday, giving us two full days to take in the beautiful island of Guernsey.

It would be great to see a few faces from the UK in the crowd. If you book now, the return flights are only £69 - which aint that bad. and I'm sure the internet will turn up some reasonable B&B in St Peter Port.

To say I'm chuffed would be an understatement. So thanks to Nick for booking us and special thanks to Foxy in Diamond Dogs who gave me the lead in the first place.

Hoover and out x


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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Peculiar Night on Friday

Hoover and I arrived at The Abbots Way in Plymouth on Friday to find that the pub was shut. It's 7pm! The pub CAN'T be shut!
We peered through the windows and there were lots of ladders and decorating debris all over the place. Oh dear.

A couple of phone calls and we find that the landlady who we talked to only 3 weeks ago has been replaced by someone new who knew nothing about us and had closed for 3 weeks for a refit. Bum!

So back to Exeter we went and spotted that our mate Martin Weller was playing with the BobKatz just along the road from us. What a bloody good night that turned out to be! Well impressed - these guys are really tight! Check em out!


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You Say Party! We Say Die!

I saw YSP!WSD! in Exeter on Wednesday night with Morph and felt it important to post to you out there just how damn good they are...

I'm now the proud owner of two rather indie/punky/quirky CDs by this talented outfit from Vancouver. Lengthy explanations are probably not required in these internet days, so i'll just point you to their myspace and you can decide for yourselves.

I saw them first at Glastonbury, when they were my surprise hit of the festival. I'd been looking forward to their return to the UK and the release of their second album. Both didnt disappoint.

Hoover and out


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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bizarre Statistics

Me and Hoover looked at our website statistics tonight for the first time in aaaaggggeesss and were quite stunned to see that we're averaging around 650 visitors a month! Now that's not just me! So to anyone who keeps an eye on our website, thank you very much. Glad it keeps you entertained.

We then looked at search engine key words that get matched against our website. Bizarre or what??? Bear in mind that these are proper searches that somebody has done on t'internet. No idea why some of these came up with our web address.

Check these babies out:

First our first prize of bizarreness goes to:
"record for projectile vommiting"

Second prize:
"paddington goes to the movies"

Runners Up:

"stages of a leg fixator"
"curly wigs with umph"
"transvestite band"
"fuck tiverton"
"dodgy landlords brixham"
"gymnastics high bars in near skegness"
"mocambicans need visa to australia"
"mud lady heligan"
"french maid for charity"
"sqa washing powder face"
"fiji banded iguanas"

and special mention goes to:

"indesit hell"

which we thought was a random search until we realised that must have been Hoover's searches


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