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The REOFFENDERS are on an indefinite break. Never say never, but we currently have no plans to play. However, we had joy and we had fun... and we blogged about it. Enjoy reading and reliving some good times.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Gigs of 2009

Crazy Apple in Norton Fitzwarren is a new venue. In fact, its a Village Hall but they have a great space there that is barely being used, something that the Crazy Apple people, a group of volunteers, are trying to put right! They have lots of young bands playing there, a great opportunity to play infront of an audience.

On Friday, The REOFFENDERS played at Crazy Apple supported by Hailing Star and Silent Mob. Both bands played brilliantly... I found it quite humbling seeing so much talent in musicians aged only 14-17!!!

We didn't have the biggest of audiences (perhaps the weather or post Xmas credit cards had an influence?) but we played for almost two hours to an appreciative, if a bit sparse, audience. We left out a lot of the sillier stuff. They didn't quite seem a Britney Spears type audience, although the world exploded during Nellie the Elephant! ;-)

We had a home gig at the Longbrooke in Exeter on Saturday. There were a lot of 'known' bands playing in the area so I reckon we did quite well to get the audience that we did. Lots of familiar faces, cheers guys! There was a group of ladies at a table in the middle of the pub, dressed very smartly, looking like unlikely moshpit candidates. But there they were, pogoing for all they were worth. Gave me a big smile, that did!

Dirt Devil Dave did great on both nights. Throwing him into a 1 hr 45min set for his first gig was perhaps a bit tiring and a baptism of fire, but he survived to tell the tale. Well done David :-D

p.s. the night was blighted by Bev having her purse nicked. If anyone knows anything about it, please either contact Bev on facebook/myspace or speak to the Longbrooke staff. Thanks


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Monday, January 19, 2009

Hoover - the Human Bopit

OK, so what happens when you mix too much drink with Bopit?

Yep, you get some idiot deciding that he's a living, breathing Bop-It game.

I'm quite impressed we got this on the fourth take.  After the amount of wine and port that Heather, Lou, and Beth had put away you'd have thought it'd take a hell of a lot longer.

Camera - Bethy Bosch

Real Bop-It operator - Heather Morphy-Richards

Human Bop-It operator - Lou

Human Bop-It - Johnny Hoover


Hoover x


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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year's Eve - Katie Tefal's Last Gig

The REOFFENDERS 2008 ended in the Vintage at Wellington. Sadly, it also ended the era of Katie Tefal on the drums.

We got to the Vintage earlier than we normally would so that we could set up with time spare and to allow for more people there than normal. I also wanted to do some newer, scarier might take time.

The Wellington locals were in fancy dress for the night. My favourites were Captain Jack Sparrow (he'd obviously rehearsed his accent for months!) and Pingu, who made me smile everytime I saw him punching the air with his flipper.

Katie had provided me with a list of the songs that she wanted to play at her last gig! There was bloomin' millions of them! Well, slight exaggeration but it did seem like a suicide mission on her part. It amused me slightly that a lot of the songs that she's commented "knacker her", were in her chosen setlist. I guess its no fun if its easy ;-)

We ended the first half at about 11.45pm to give people a chance to do New Year celebrations. It was really odd... suddenly there was no one in the pub! Taking a peek outside, the whole street outside was full of people hugging.

We started the second half with a punky Auld Lang Syne before getting back to more classic punkiness.

Paul Indesit started playing drums earlier in the year so it had been suggested some time ago that the musicians swap instruments. Paul moved to the drums, Bully moved to guitar and Katie picked up the bass. Talented buggers! Obviously none of them would be able to sing sufficiently well so John and I stayed where we were. *ahem*

The gig finished at about 1.45am at which point people were looking a bit tired after all the jumping about all night. John said a few words about Katie leaving us and manage to reduce her to tears. I gave her a big hug and the whole pub went "awwwww". I'm not sure that helped the tears ;-)

We drove back to Topsham where we gave Katie some keepsakes to remind her of us. We're gonna miss her. Check out her solo stuff at

Big thank you to Clive and Yvette for Katie's lovely card. Also thanks to all at the Vintage who helped make it a very special night. Oh and to Jack Sparrow... it never would have worked ;-)


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