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The REOFFENDERS are on an indefinite break. Never say never, but we currently have no plans to play. However, we had joy and we had fun... and we blogged about it. Enjoy reading and reliving some good times.

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

OK. I'm getting excited...

So our August adventure is about to start.

19 gigs in one month ie. 19 gigs in 31 days

12 of them in roughly the first half though. Yes 12 gigs in 17 days. Blimey.

We'll be playing everywhere from tiny back-room venues to a big 1100 person venue.

In Cornwall we'll be playing eight different venues, five of which we haven't played before. I remember Brucie le Creuset saying years ago that his favourite was the excitment of playing new places for new people, and he surely had a point there.

Lets just look at some of the highlights...

Four Tuesday nights at Butlins - really looking forward to that after our first Tuesday night outing went so well. This time it'll really be high season with "Reds" full to capacity!

Harlyn Bay - back to Harlyn Inn and this year my sister and her family will be there woo hoo!

First & Last in Sennen - a favourite of Pondlife with camping at the pub for real alkie fans he he

The Golden Lion - it'll be small, sweaty, and insane. Can't wait to play for Kane and the gang in the Lions Den again

Beachside gigs galore at Porthtowan, Hayle, and Praa Sands

Bank Holiday in the garden at The Vintage almost wraps up the month!

So there it is. Please catch us somewhere along the line and we'll let you know how the vocal chords (and livers) are standing up to the punishment. Here's the full listing:

August 2008
Fri 01 The Mansion House, Bridgwater
Sat 02 The Crown Inn, Bridport
Tue 05 Butlins, Minehead
Wed 06 Finn McCouls, Falmouth
Thu 07 Bell inn, Helston
Fri 08 The Unicorn, Porthtowan
Sat 09 Copperhouse, Hayle
Tue 12 Butlins, Minehead
Wed 13 Harlyn Inn, Padstow
Fri 15 The Sand Bar, Praa Sands
Sat 16 First & Last, Sennen
Sun 17 Golden Lion, St Ives
Fri 22 New Quay Inn, Teignmouth
Sat 23 The Jolly Porter, Exeter
Sun 24 The Vintage, Wellington
Tue 26 Butlins, Minehead
Fri 29 The White Horse, Launceston
Sat 30 The Longbrooke, Exeter


Hoover x


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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cheers to everyone at The Crawford!

It was hot and sweaty and boy was the Exeter crowd right up for it!

The Crawford's a great venue to play. Always welcoming and lots of furniture and stuff for REOFFENDERS to climb on.. he he...

I think too that becasue ita a bit bigger, we get the benefit our using our larger rig which means we can get a nicer balanced sound, what with us having "the loudest drummer in Devon" - she don't look tough to look at, but that young Katie don't half hammer them skins.

We've had a little gap since our last outing in Exeter, and it really felt like one or two of you felt the same and so made an effort to come out - thanks for that.

Special thanks to for my mates Colin and Lizzie, who were down in Devon from London and came to see us for the first time. Lizzie danced all night and Col even broke into a bit of "Dad dancing" at one point - priceless.

We're off to Cornwall in August and don't return to Exeter until the 23rd and 30th August - so all you Exeter peeps, have a good holiday and we'll see you then.

Next Exeter gigs:
Sat 23 Aug, The Jolly Porter
Sat 30 Aug, The Longbrooke


Hoover x

ps. Paul did an Indycam recording so I'll post a link to it here when it get to Youtube...


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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Again Again AGAIN!!!!

It felt odd last night having a gig on a Tuesday night, but it was the first of five Butlins gigs that we have booked during "family weeks". Normally we do the adult only weekends so this was a step into the unknown.

We got there at 9pm and had a wander through the audience to watch a bit of one of the other bands and get the lay of the land. The band were playing lots of pop songs, things like Gina G, Shania Twain and Tiffany. Oh dear! We could be in trouble!

We went back stage to get ready and were lucky that there was a duo .. us which meant that Katie could set up the drumkit while they were playing. It always makes life easier if you've got more time to do things.

We did line checks at 10.30pm and twenty minutes later we were good to go, a little earlier than scheduled. We played a blistering set, it really flowed well with no gaps in between except when Hoover was chatting to the audience. He was on fine form and frequently jumped off the stage to go running into the audience - which they loved even if they looked a little nervous.

The audience loved it, we were getting huge cheers after each song. There was a redcoat at either side of the stage and they were dancing with some of the kids. Blimey, they must be fit to keep that up all night! I suspect they had to dance a bit faster to us than they normally do.

It was insanely hot on stage. I'd forgotted quite how hot big stage lights get and by the end of our set, my hair was dripping wet. Nice! Perhaps not my best look ;-)

Within 20 minutes of coming off stage, the backstage area was being locked up for the night and so we piled back in the van. Our performance was quite short by our normal standards but very fast and furious. And then it was all over... so quickly! Boo... hiss.... I wanna do it again! NOW! Oh well, we're back there in a couple of weeks time. By the end of August, we'll be old hands at it all :-)


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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Change of Start Time This Sunday

We were originally booked to start at 5pm on Sunday but we've been asked to start later at 7pm.

Please spread the word to anyone that you think might be coming along.



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Change to the Cornwall Tour

With just a month to go before our annual trip to Cornwall, I received a call from Tyack's in Camborne saying that they had to cancel the gig! Noooooooooo! They have a VIP staying there and so have to be extra nice and keep the noise down.

So it was back to square one at quite short notice to find a replacement gig. Surely all Friday night gigs would already have been booked! Sigh!

However, the nice lady who runs the Unicorn in Porthtowan was up to the challenge and we're looking forward to playing there. Porthtowan has one of the best beaches in Cornwall so we'll probably spend the day up there. I might even take my bucket and spade!


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A suprisingly good rehearsal

Between Katie's trip to Germany and John and I going to Glastonbury, it's now 5 weeks since The REOFFENDERS have played together. And with 3 gigs this weekend closely followed by a trip to Butlins, we thought a rehearsal was probably a good idea.

I was rather impressed at how tight we were! Two of the newer songs needed going over a bit because they were quite tricky ones and took a while to get in the bag in the first place, but everything else went like a dream! Cool :-D


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