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The REOFFENDERS are on an indefinite break. Never say never, but we currently have no plans to play. However, we had joy and we had fun... and we blogged about it. Enjoy reading and reliving some good times.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007


Medium size has sold out, and we've got a few left of Small, Large and Extra Large. They're going fast.... get em while you can!


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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


You may remember that we were interviewed a couple of months ago for a radio programme about punk. Well, it will be aired on BBC Radio Devon on Thursday 27th December at 6 pm. Although its about punk in Devon generally, we do apparently feature a fair bit! Ooh er!

You can tune in to Radio Devon on FM, DAB or by the power of t'internet. Go to BBC Radio Devon


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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cool Early Christmas Present

The REOFFENDERS at the Vintage in Wellington

Thank you to everyone at the Vintage last night. Blimey, what a night!

We always look forward to going to Wellington - they jump around from start to finish and certainly work as hard as the band. With Christmas looming, would the place be emptier as everyone goes to their Christmas parties? Course not! The REOFFENDERS are in town!

From the first chord, they were dancing but highlights were:

Should I Stay or Should I go
We stopped halfway. They didn't. The whole pub singing the chorus. Well it would've been rude not to join back in with them!
Seasons in the Sun
The whole audience bending knees joining our silly dance. Waynes World stylee head bobbing at the front and cossack style "Oi!" from the left with every knee bend. I had to shut my eyes after a while cos they were making me laugh so much
99 Red Balloons
The world went nuts when the balloons came out! It was an inflatable induced frenzy! Awesome!
John climbed on the table to serranade his man of choice, not expecting to be bodily picked up and tipped upside down. They then licked tongues to enjoy a loud "eeeewwwwwww" from band and audience alike.
Without any help, they were singing away to Goldblade - a song that a year ago I doubt anyone in the Vintage had ever heard. The power of a great song, or as John Robb would say, the power of Rock n Roll
Paul in his santa skirt
Paul's Skirt!
Indesit arrived on stage sporting a Santa Hat, red fur trimmed knee length skirt (which went lovely with his big scary black boots" and Dame Edna style red sunglasses! Them legs are a sight for sore eyes, I must say! A lovely lady from the audience invaded the stage on a mission to see under his skirt, disappointed to find long football shorts.

The gig was great from start to finish, arguably our best gig of 2008. We were on form and so were the audience. I've said it before but we get so much energy from the audience. We're pretty energetic as a band generally but when you get fed that extra energy, its so much easier. If I ever lose faith in what we do, a quick trip to The Vintage would restore belief pretty damn quick.

Cheers again to Dave for running such a great venue.  Can't wait for the next one ;-)

p.s. If anyone has any videos from the night, please get in touch with us


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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas No1

A couple of months ago, a bet was laid down by Lil Pete from our mates, The Cadence on who would have more gigs by Christmas, or to be precise... who would be Christmas Number 1 on the Lemonrock Gig Guide. Pete's from Newcastle, I'm from Sunderland... there's always going to be squabbling about something!

The wager? If we lose, we have to learn I Will Survive. If they lose, they're lumbered with the Dead Kennedy's Too Drunk to Fuck!

Fingernails are being bitten in The REOFFENDERS camp. We were one gig behind them but we played one more than them this weekend! Oh bugger! We've got a couple of things floating about but probably won't be confirmed till the New Year. Did I say Oh Bugger?

Our modesty may be saved by the fact that Somerset's The Graduates have appeared from nowhere and have more gigs that either of us. If that doesn't work, I'll add a few "Private Bookings" to the gig list! Mwah ha ha ha!


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Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Game of Two Halves

Ewan Oosami joined us for our gig at The Lansdowne in Dawlish on Saturday with Mr Indesit being otherwise engaged with Marnie. I have to say, it's the quietest I've ever seen the Lansdowne! Christmas dinners are happening everywhere and we were warned that there was a big "do" up the road and that it'd fill up after 11pm.

Hoover and I made the most of the space by stepping out beyond the monitors and using the main part of the pub as our stage/dancefloor. Hoover got on first name terms and introduced members of the audience to each other. I rather enjoyed the first half as despite there being a lack of audience, we could goof around a bit and indulge in the comedy side of our performance.

We started the second half at 11pm and as expected, the audience swelled and we had a more usual set with singing, dancing and punters outwitting Hoover.

Big thanks to Karen, Jill and Karen who stayed through the whole gig and humoured the REOFFENDERS comedy show as well dancing away to the busier second half.


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Recording in Taunton

Huge thanks to James, Robert and Robin, our friends from Best Kept Secret, who kindly came to our Pen and Quill gig on Friday and recorded the gig. It still needs mixing and with nearly 2 hours worth of music, that could take some time. Katie was enjoying getting into the technical stuff with the guys and is looking forward to playing with the mix.

It was a mainly seated audience due to most of the pub having just finished Christmas dinners and not being able to move afterwards, but there was much singing along and by the time we got to Babylons Burning, we had a nice floor full of dancers.


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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tshirts Selling Well

In just a fortnight, we've sold half of our stock of tshirts. That's pretty cool so if you've bought one, cheers for that! If you haven't got one yet, best to it soon ;-)

Makes a great Christmas present! You know it makes sense

Order Tshirts Online


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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Separated at Birth?

We've been booked to play Butlins Skegness in February. On the same bill is Bad Manners!

Right, the challenge is there... get a photo of Bully and Buster Bloodvessel together so we can see if they really do look that alike.

Or are they the same person? Enquiring minds wanna know


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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Flyering Mercilessly!

As I may have mentioned *ahem*, we went to see The Damned in Yeovil t'other night. We thought it was too good an opportunity to miss so took along some of our shiny new flyers (which included forthcoming gig dates) seeing as a room full of Damned fans were target audience.

I rather enjoyed myself, handing them out and stopping for a chat with people while they had a ciggy outside. Got asked "what Green Day do you do? proper Green Day or the American Idiot shit?". And so started an indepth discussion with all the smokers outside the venue about the highs and lows of Green Days career. The most interesting banter was someone arguing that Boulevard of Broken Dreams was a great song. Maybe, says I, but not a good single. It was good to hear the general agreement that St Jimmy kicks ass!

It was a nice chance to hook some new followers and to talk to people about what they listened to, expected to hear, etc. We'll be doing the same for the John Otway gig that we're going to in Tavistock tomorrow. Hmmm, the 3000 flyers that we got aren't gonna last that long at this rate but at least they're getting into the right hands.

For the record, none of our flyers were thrown on the ground. I have big issues with people littering their crap for someone else to pick up so it was nice that they stayed in people's pockets :-)


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Monday, December 03, 2007

The Damned in Yeovil

After a very late night last night, Hoover and I had a slow day today before heading up to Yeovil to see the Damned.

We bumped into Queenie and Charlie at the bar (where else would you find Queenie?) and a few people who'd seen The REOFFENDERS before... it seems the world and his auntie was waiting at Chard to see us on Thursday. Bugger!

The support was interesting.... a young London punk band to start with, followed by the Burlesque cabaret. Two dancers stripping to almost bare (with the exception of knickers and tassles) and the wonderful Kitten on the Keys, a comedic burlesque girl on keyboards and vocals who did a wonderful covers of the Ramones and Sex Pistols amongst other things.

The Damned started with Nasty which I've never seen live and absolutely love. It wasn't until History of the World that it became obvious that Dave Vanian was struggling with his voice. It was an odd setlist and this made the song selection make more sense. Some songs you just can't manage when you've got the plague. It was a good gig but not their best. By the time they got to AntiPope in the encore, the Captain was singing over half of the song.

As we left, we handed out 150 REOFFENDERS flyers with upcoming gig dates would've been rude not to!

Get well soon Dave cos we're coming to see you in Bristol with Bully.

p.s. If you need someone to mop your fevered brow and feed you lemsips, I'm your girl!


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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Great Home Gig

We had SUCH a good time last night!

The Exeter Inn in Topsham is 5 minutes walk from mine and Hoover's house, it has fantastic real ale (I carry out quality control there, at my own expense) and we thought it'd be a laugh. Peter and Sharon, the landlords went with the idea despite the fact that they don't normally have music.

The pub was pretty full when we got there to set up and was pretty packed by the time we went on. It's a really nice space to play in, room to move around and good sound. It was very very hot! I did think I was going to die from heat exhaustion a couple of times. Then I turned to see a pink and sweaty Katie and realised she was a step ahead of me!

Thanks to everyone who came down....lots of faces I didn't expect to see: friends, regular followers and some people I hadn't seen for ages! It was a great party!

We were absolutely terrible at packing away, must've took us about 2 hours because we were so busy talking to people and revelling in the occasion.

Peter wants to do it again and has a crazy idea about using the town hall next time! Ooooh, that'd be nice!


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