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The REOFFENDERS are on an indefinite break. Never say never, but we currently have no plans to play. However, we had joy and we had fun... and we blogged about it. Enjoy reading and reliving some good times.

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tis Been Too Long

The REOFFENDERS played at the Crawford Hotel in Exeter for the first time in 10 months. It was cracking!

With one thing and another, we haven't been back at the Crawford in ages. Its good to see new management there who are keen to keep the music going.

Ewan Oosami has been standing in for Mr Indesit lately when Paul is unavailable, and Ewan joined us tonight for what would be a top gig. Room to move around, our big PA and furniture to climb on. Lurvly!

The place was pretty busy (it seemed to be full of people celebrating their birthday!) and an attentive audience is always good from our perspective as it feeds the band energy. Added to the excitement of a days recording and we were jumping around all over the place.

Cheers to everyone who came down. We've got a couple of Exeter gigs coming up in the next month so hopefully we'll see you again soon


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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Recording Session

We were up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning to record a new demo at Katie's studio. It's 2.5 years and several personnel since we last recorded and we've all been excited about getting something down.

We plumped for 3 songs: Rocketman, Hanging on the Telephone and Eton Rifles and got 99% of it done today, with the exception of a couple of guitar bits that Paul wants to add.

It was also a nice day hanging around outside chatting while not required, and trying not to giggle at the occasional disjointed "HEY!" that was being recorded inside.

Summary: top food, bunnies, AT-AT sheep, coffees from Katie, Toy Doll obsessing, huge spider in the sink


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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Katie Tefal Gig

Katie Tefal is playing an acoustic gig at the Bridge Inn in Topsham on November 3rd in her duo, Lorelei.

If you're not aware already, Katie doesn't just plays drums, she's also rather talented on bass, guitar, vocals and nose flute (ok, I may have made the last one up). The Bridge Inn is in amazing 16th century inn which not only has fantastic real ale but is host to performances from great musicians... sometimes even legendary, and will be a perfect setting for Lorelei.

Tickets will be on sale at the weekend from The Bridge Inn


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New 'Stuff' on the Way

You lot have been pestering us for aaaagggggeeeessss to record another CD. It's now 2.5 years since, 3 drummers and 5 bassists since we last recorded! Crikey! ABout bloody time we sorted that out!

So... this weekend we go into the Katie's studio to work on a 5 track CD. It's aimed at being a promo but I reckon we could sell it for a couple of quid if people are interested. We'd like to add to those tracks over the next few months to make a full length CD but don't have anything in the diary for that at present.

We're also looking at getting tshirts done soon. We've been talking about this for over a year now and the same problem arises every time.... what are we going to put on the back?

We have a few ideas already but if any of you have any inspiration and suggestions, we'd be happy to add it into the brain storming. Email

Chow for now


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Monday, September 24, 2007

Awesome in Torrington

Various factors (but mostly Hoover and Morph being a bit rubbish) made The REOFFENDERS later arriving at a venue that we normally prefer on Saturday. And it's a bloody long way to Great Torrington.

This can sometimes make for a stressful gig but not today! We had a great time!

Bully, Indesit and I had been to Birmingham the night before to see The Toy Dolls in action and were fully inspired to jump around a lot, strike a pose and generally have a bloody good time! And I had new shoes which always makes things good ;-)

Thanks to Mia and Steph for being our ever faithful Torrington groupies. See ya in December

p.s. Barry the Roofer the Roofer the Barry the


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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Bloody Good Time in Kernow!

We're Back!

The REOFFENDERS annual jaunt to Cornwall is over and we're all itching to get back down there and do it again.

We only had 4 gigs this time round - lineup changes earlier in the year had made it difficult to finalise the tour until a few months ago - but blimey we had fun doing them. It was also nice to spend time with Katie and Bully and bond as people as well as musically.

I've written lots of blurb about what we did which probably isn't all that interesting unless you were there.

I'd like to thank my fellow bandmates for being such nice people to be around. It takes the right mix of people in a band to want to do a tour like this and spend as much time together. Cheers


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Cornwall: Day One

We left late on Tuesday as John and I were failing miserably to get ourselves packed. Iggy (the van) was very fully because we had everyone's amps and drums, then tents etc on top. Thankfully, Iggy was up to the challenge.

We got there to our base at Watergate Bay at about 5.15pm and after getting tents set up, went to sit at the Cliff Top Bar with a beer. It's a lovely spot... just a flat bit at the top of the cliff on the South West coast path, but as its our post gig beer place, we named it the Cliff Top Bar.

We got a taxi into Newquay to get some food and beer. I was really sad that Skinners Ale House isn't open anymore! Nooooooooo! We got a bar meal in the pub opposite Wetherspoons and then went to the Vic Bars. We were greeted by System of a Down being played in the background, followed by Motorhead, Sabbath, Machine Head.... we were very happy bunnies.

We got a taxi back at 11.30 in a strangely sober state. We had the same taxi driver who got chatting to us and is keen on getting us to play Newquay Football Club next year. We sat at the Cliff Top Bar again until about 2am with beers and an mp3 playing with speakers. Sweet!


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Cornwall: Day Two

It was a bit cloudy and windy so we didn't do alot today, just sat about at the campsite. Katie arrived at 5.30 having spent the day busking in Dartington and then we had tea before going to Harlyn Bay. As we got close to the pub, a familiar figure on a motorbike appeared behind the van - Bully.

Last time we played here, a tray of Sambuca shots arrived mid gig. This time, it was Port!!! Very civilised and a damn site nicer than Sambuca in my mind. We had a very squiffy lady falling over our monitors and mic stands, but at least they didn't get broken like they did last year ;-) I was really worried that she'd bring a speaker down on her head though. A grimace spread throughout the band (and most of the audience) as the nastiest smelliest fart in the world escaped somewhere. And anyone who knows Hoover KNOWS we've smelt some bad ones in our time.

We returned to the Cliff Top Bar jubilant but a bit tired so didn't stay up for long. I reckon this was the coldest night of the week too, which didn't encourage us to stay up.


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Cornwall: Day Three

Katie went off for a surf while we packed up the tents before moving to our Southern base. It seemed a long drive to St Ives but a really nice campsite. We explored the campsite grounds and were delighted to find a games field complete with zip line, giant chess and draughts, as well as a climbing frame and a slide. The zip line got the most attention - we were on it for ages!

We got to Helston at 7.45 to find that they'd been advertising us on at 8pm, but they were quite happy for us to go on at our intended 9pm. Psycho went down a storm - Helston was in good voice. Bizzare moment so far... we were asked to autograph someone's trainer!


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Cornwall: Day Four

We went into St Ives for breakfast after listening to some tunes in the tent. We're trying to decide on new songs to learn and us being together with not much to do seems like a good opportunity.

We had a couple of beers in the Golden Lion and then wandered to the harbour. Paul spotted a seal very close to the beach so I paddled out a bit into the water to try to get a photo. The seal had moved and the tide started coming in really quickly. So from me knees down, my jeans were soaked.

We went to the other side of the harbour and there he was again... and then another... and another! 3 seals right next to each other, really close to the harbour. We stood there for easily an hour watching them and got some great photos. I was on my way to the toilet block when I saw a family pointing the other way saying "There's one there". I stopped to tell them that there were three seals at the other end of the pier. "Oh yes, we've seen them" they said, "We're watching the dolphin!". Dolphin!!! DOLPHIN!!! yay!!! I phoned John to tell him to join me. There were lots of tourist boats swarming round where the dolphin had been sighted but I did manage to see his tail.

As we wandered back into town, a crazy lady hummed and shook her sunglasses at Paul and Bully. A good luck omen or a hex?

We had a healthy meal of a pasty and a mississippi mud pie on the way back to the car and picked up some groceries for later. We picked up the van and Katie (who'd been away busking in Dartington) and then headed back into town to setup.

Heligan Honey was the beer of choice and it was great to see Kayne, Tony and Bettina. Bully announced a £20 fine for anyone who tells Katie she's "a good drummer... for a girl".

Indesit looked very fetching in his red bow tie that he'd bought earlier that day, although he ended up wearing it his hair by the end of the night. He also brought back the balloon tradition a the close of the gig and inflicted some balloons scars on himself and almost broke my sternum.

We left the pub with blue noses having being "chalked" by Paul. Bully's nose was impervious to the chalk. Perhaps the crazy lady's hex was to repell chalk? Who knows.

We'd had a really good day which ended in the best gig of the week. The Lion's Den is really special to us.


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Cornwall: Day Five

Paul, Marnie, John and Katie jammed with 3 guitars and Katies conga which kept the campsite entertained for a couple of hours, then John, Katie and I walked into St Ives.

We followed the coast path which was meant to take an hour. WRONG! It was deep jungle in places and not an easy path. It probably took more like an hour and a half to two hours! We refuelled at Presto pasty followed by Kellys Cornish Icecream. Yum.

The journey across the sand at the Watering Hole was painless. Normally you have to be towed across but it was quite compact sand which made life easier.

The pub were kind enough to give us a couple of rounds of drinks and we tucked into a late meal there... the hugest portions in the world. The Bristol Rowing Club made lots of noise and moshed about infront of us. They also gave a splendid rendition of Delilah after we'd finished our sets, with Paul accompanying them on guitar.


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Cornwall: Day Six

After another late start, we went into St Ives and found the wonderful Castle Inn which serves Skinners Ales, my Cornish favourite. I accidentally had 5. Oops.

This evening brought us a gig by Paul and Marnie at the Golden Lion. It was quite nice to have no responsibilities tonight and to just chill out. The Flocking Bustards were in again and we chatted about exchanging information about Devon and Cornwall venues.

The gig was great. There was new material in there since I last saw them play: Nine Inch Nails' Head Like a Hole was genius! They've also started playing Talking Heads Psychokiller and its great to hear it sung in a different style in such a different format. Very nice indeed.

At the end of the gig, I decided that post gig drinks were required so got a shot of raspberry sambuca for everyone. Apparently it creates the same effect as tequila for me. I threw it up 30 seconds later! Bugger!


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Cornwall: Day Seven

And it's all over! :'(

We had one last walk around town and as the weather was beautiful, spent a few hours walking along the coast. John found some new tasteless sunglasses which made him very happy as his infamous yellow ones had broken at Helston.

We all hugged as we went our different ways at the campsite. It's been good! Can't wait to do it again.


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