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The REOFFENDERS are on an indefinite break. Never say never, but we currently have no plans to play. However, we had joy and we had fun... and we blogged about it. Enjoy reading and reliving some good times.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cornwall Tour Finalised (at last)

It's been damn hard work but all the dates are finalised now.

By my reckoning, I have contacted 47 pubs and sent out 18 CDs! When you've only got a small window of time to book into, it gets very very difficult.

On the upside, I've talked to lots of landlords who have said, if we do this again next year, to give them a call because they would have loved to have booked us if they had a date free. Awww, that's nice :-)

I think after this one, I'd quite like a few months off before attacking Cornwall again. But I am thinking we could perhaps do two next year... June and September anyone?

Saturday 12th August - White Horse, Launceston
Sunday 13th August - Golden Lion, St Ives
Wednesday 16th August - Harlyn Inn, Harlyn Bay
Thursday 17th August - Watering Hole, Perranporth (acoustic - Calling Orson)
Friday 18th August - The Corn Exchange, Camborne
Saturday 19th August - The HUB, Plymouth. Supporting Too Hot

Right.... now to get t-shirts done!


This is my 1st bloggedy blog eva!!! It's not only for the clever PC people then?!!! wow the excitement of not the blog...the last gigs i've been to. Such madness & fun with a full on Reoffenderspunk sound! Must be seen..They're grrreat nights to remember but not for the faint hearted....Especially the last Jolly Port' gig, it left me buzzing all night...yea til the sun came up...Hey Ho an nothing to do with all the lush yellow hammer I'm sure!!! Thanx to all

By Blogger Marnie, at 3:16 pm, August 02, 2006  

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

MySpace addiction!

I have a slight addiction.. it's called MySpace.
Rich (Too Hot) told me that I'd grow to love it! I hate that he's right!

Recent "friends" apart from Too Hot and Annie at the Hub (Plymouth) include Attilla the Stockbroker, our mates at Letters to Leaders who are playing with us at the charity gig in Exmouth next month (cheers Sam), Kerrang magazine, Chris T-T (of Injured Popstars fame), Joe Strummer (which is impressive seeing as he doesn't have access to a keyboard these days - no offence anyone!) and MUSE. I know, I know... MUSE are not punk in any way, shape or form but I set up myspace and I love them so i'll invite who I like! ner!

Also cheers to Ffi in Plymouth. Sorry I don't know you're full name. She's been following us since BMAD 2005 - hopefully you'll make it to The HUB in August and we'll get to say hi.


Oh God, it just gets better! Green Day are now are friends! :-D

By Blogger Heather, at 1:41 am, June 21, 2006  

What the hell is my space, and can I fit my bass in it?

By Blogger Justin Hotpoint, at 9:55 pm, June 22, 2006  

I thought MySpace was that company in Newton Abbot that rented portakabins...

By Blogger Johnny Hoover, at 6:40 pm, June 26, 2006  

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Night Off to See Someone Else...

Last night I should've been at Hyde Park watching the Foo Fighters. I'd made a decision for couple of months ago that it was going to be a bit of a mission with a gig the night before and the night after. I'd also have to not sing at the Foo gig. I'm not very good at that. So.. I sold my ticket. The sensible decision! Bugger! I hate being sensible!

So, with a night off, me n Hoover went to see Cover'd at the Crawford. It was pretty full when we got there but by the break, the place was packed! The range of songs that they covered was pretty impressive: old school rock with AC/DC and Thin Lizzy to punk with Sex Pistol and The Undertones through to Rage Against the Machine and Therapy, there was something for everyone. And they did So What! I did get very excited during RATM. They ended the 2nd set with Foo Fighters Everlong and it was awesome. Note for note exactly like the original and Darren adapts his vocals to every song to cover the song more closely.

They had a stand in drummer who was awesome. It reminded us of when Gary Goblin stood in for us at our mate Kat's party. When they came off stage, we discovered ... their stand in drummer was indeed Gary Goblin! It was nice to see him again!

Crackin' night! I reckon these guys are the best band on the circuit!


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Friday, June 16, 2006


Ok, I give in.....

Both Rich from Too Hot and Annie from the Hub have nagged me this week about getting Myspace sorted so I've finally taken the plunge. REOFFENDERSpunk

Nothing too exciting happening there at the mo. I shall pester Mr Indesit for a recording of Back In Your Box so that you can hear our (currently) only original from the comfort of your own home. Two more originals in progress though so hopefully we can add those soon.


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I had a dream...

which involved me studying a map of Cornwall, trying to work out whether gigs were too close together to get a good audience there, working out how far it was to travel from our camp, asking landlords what their curfew for music was...

It was bloody hard work, that dream. I woke up exhausted!

I need to get out more!


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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Scouting Mission to Somerset

Me n Hoover went on a scouting mission to the Phoenix Hotel in Chard, where we'll be playing on Friday.

Tis a very nice sized pub. Lots of furniture for Hot to jump on and lots of room for us to spread out abit. Hoover will need to daisy chain two mic leads to get to the far end of the pub but don't worry.... he'll find you no matter how far away you are! *evil laugh*

We had a game of pool while we were there and between the quizzes and bingo, they announced upcoming events. England match on Thursday and The REOFFENDERS on Friday - "one of the best bands in the South West". He ran through a list of bands that we cover and finished with "and they also paint dogs". Hooray, even Gidget got a mention!

Looking forward to this, it sounds like they "get it"!


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Exciting Addition to the Cornwall Tour

We'll be playing The Corn Exchange in Camborne, in a 400 capacity venue, proper stage, the works! Wooooo! Rockin!

This will be the day before the homecoming at the Hub in Plymouth so we really do end the week on a high with hopefully big audiences.

Now, just two more pubs to talk to about filling the Thursday night slot and then I'm done!


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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bye bye Old Wellhouse

I just learned that the Old Wellhouse in Paignton is ceasing all live music.

The big shame is that we were meant to be playing there on Saturday night, but it's a good atmosphere in there so I'm sorry to see it go.

Oh well... better get on the phone and see if I can get something else in the diary...


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A Quick Mention in the Press

Herald Express Website

Following a short break in their gigging schedule to allow for band members' holidays, the eight-piece ska and reggae outfit Too Hot gets back on the road tonight thanks to an appearance at the Jolly Farmer in Newton Abbot.

Too Hot spokesman Rich said: "We recently played the Moretonhampstead Beer and Bands Festival in aid of Breast Cancer Research, where we were ably supported by the sensational Exeter based punk band The REOFFENDERS. "The event was also an opportunity to launch the Union Inn's new function room. In fact it was a huge success with punters enjoying fantastic beer, a barbecue and great live music in a top class venue."

"On Saturday June 10, the band travels to The Hub in Plymouth for a special football and music event.

The venue opens at 2pm to show the England vs Paraguay match from 3pm, and that'll be followed by live bands, including Too Hot, plus resident DJ Ed throughout the evening and into the night.

"Then on June 17, we're back in South Devon for an engagement at The Bolton in Brixham."

Late news ??? Too Hot makes a guest appearance on Guy Henderson and Jonpaul Hedge's Palm FM show between 6pm and 9pm tomorrow night.


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