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The REOFFENDERS are on an indefinite break. Never say never, but we currently have no plans to play. However, we had joy and we had fun... and we blogged about it. Enjoy reading and reliving some good times.

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Great Gig at the Famous Old Barrel

We played the Old Barrel in Exmouth last night and we rocked da house!

The bar staff had a great time and danced their socks off throughout.

Greg from the Old Mill Studio did the sound for us, with his little 7kw rig!!! Wahoo!!! It was rather cool to look up and see your sound man head banging along to the Sex Pistols.

During "This is Love" where I sing the quiet bit, I fulfilled a fantasy of singing with foot on the monitor in a rock stylee! I even had a guy on his knees at my feet totally playing up the vibe of the song. Yesssss! I couldn't have scripted that better.

Paul made his debut on shouting! Rock on! He did a great job and it was fantastic to add an extra layer to the set.

Captain Damien Black from Crush UK joined us on stage for Stop in the Name of Love. He brought his own rather fetching purple wig too.

We finished the set with an encore of American Idiot and Jet Plane, only to be told by Claire (barstaff) that she was locking the doors and wasn't letting anyone leave until we did another one. She asked for our loudest and nastiest song! Obviously So What was the only song fitting that description.

We had a fantastic time and are looking forward to playing there again, fingers crossed!


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Friday, May 27, 2005

Printing CDs

It's very very late and I've been sitting at the computer for at least the last 2 hours burning REOFFENDERS CDs and printing covers in preparation for our gig at Exmouth tomorrow night.

I keep thinking about the elves in the shoemakers shop who worked during the night and made all the shoes. Any CD pixies about? yawn....

P.S. Printer manufacturers lie about how quick their printers are per page


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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Blimey trousers! Liverpool Euro Champs...

For those that don't know, our lead (only) guitarist Mr Indesit has got the Liverpool badge tattooed on his arm...

Heather's spoken to him today, so he has resurfaced after last night's celebrations. Will he be playing in his Gerard shirt on saturday? Is the Pope catholic?

Nice one Liverpool. I for one had written you off right at the start, never mind at half time. I was a bit wrong there then.

Humble Mr Hoover


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Exmouth Here We Come!

Mr Hoover and I went out last night in Exmouth with a couple of CDs in our pockets (as you do). We called in at The Strand and expecting only to hand in a CD, suddenly found ourselves signing up for Battle of the Bands! The Excitement! The competition starts tonight and runs every Thursday for the next 4 weeks. Each week there are two bands competing and the overall winner takes home a cool £500! How much is that each? tee hee (private joke, sorry)

We'll be playing on June 9th at 10.30pm. They have a licence till 1.00am so come down, have a few beers and support us poor hard working rock stars!

This morning I got a phone call from Greg at The Old Mill Studios where we practice and recorded our CD. The Famous Old Barrel at Exmouth asked him if he knew anyone who could fill in for Saturday night, and lucky old us got the shout. Some of you may remember Hoover, Bosch and I played there in our previous incarnation - Them Pesky Kids when we supported Crush UK a couple of years ago.

Fingers crossed we can make it a regular thing.


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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


We had a great practice last night, putting two new songs in the bag with one more teetering on the edge.

Just a Girl by No Doubt rocked with me, Hoover and Indesit jumping around like loons! It's a great song vocally and I've now proved that I can jump up and down, sing and not knock out my front teeth. Hurrah!

Paul had a go at singing shouting whilst playing guitar and did a great job. He may do it at a gig sometime in the future but is still warming to shouting experience.

We're working on London's Calling as we get asked for it alot. Also on the todo list is I Want You to Want Me (Letters to Cleo), No Sleep Tonight (The Faders) and Swords of A Thousand Men (Tenpole Tudor). Rock on!


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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Currently looking for somewhere to get T-Shirts printed. The CD sales will fund buying the T-shirts (Paul has been doing great selling CDs by threatening to forklift peoples cars onto the roof! Good sales style!) and then T-shirt sales will fund.... well, maybe another studio session. Who knows.

Suggestions for slogans:
  • eat punk... drink punk... F**K reOFFenders

  • Too punk to duck

  • Is that marmite on your nose or do you kiss arse?

Other thoughts are just having the logo, or the logo with skull and cross bones and Toxic written on it.


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Monday, May 16, 2005

Gidget the Dog

Gidget the Dog
John and I were looking for inspiration for a new poster designed for gigs. Some of our band members are slightly more shy that Mr Hoover and don't like their mug shots being plastered around town.

Enter Gidgit the dog!

Someone has created a website about their dog who listens to punk rock and dresses up in clothes. We "borrowed" one of the photos, hope Gidget doesn't mind. It actually came up on a Google image search for punk because Gidget's website is called "Gidget the Punk Rock Princess". It's gotta be American!


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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Vietnamese Hotels Anyone?

If you visit the guestbook at all, you'll notice that we appear to have been sponsored by Vietnamese Hotel companies. I delete their posts, they repost them.

My guess is that they're trying to boost their Google ratings by appearing on lots of websites. Some of us can manage top spot without resorting to dirty tactics (ahem!).

I'll keep deleting them while I try to figure out away to block them completely but without making it hard for everyone else to post, I don't think that'll be easy.

I am tempted to take up an approach that geek mag .Net came up with a while back. They suggested that everyone adopt a spammer. They demonstrated with a yoyoing email conversation that they had with a spammer who would offer vital information to get rich quick if they parted with $99. The editor kept asking for more information with increasingly stupid questions until the spammer got sick and left him alone.

I notice that also have an Adopt A Spammer campaign. It made me chuckle.

Ok, that's all from geekville this week....


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Big Thanks to Seany Sean

Our mate Seany Sean dropped off 2 CDs full of photos that he took at the BMAD gig!!! It's like watching yourself in slow motion, frame by frame, in places but very very cool. They look very profesh! Everyone else can look forward to some updated photos as soon as I can pick out the odd one from the 1.5Gb that I've got!!! Yikes.

Also big thanks to Paul's dad, Ray, who videoed bits of our performance and produced a copy for each of The REOFFENDERS by the following day. I'm guessing Paul didn't harrass you at all for that :-)

And (is this an Oscar speech?) big thanks to Tony who also videoed us at the gig. Looking forward to getting my grubby mits on that one. As you can see, we're not vain at all!

Also thanks to Chris who sourced us some very cheap CDs. As poor rock stars we need all the help we can get to keep costs down!


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Monday, May 09, 2005

Tee Hee!

The website statistics show that The REOFFENDERS website is given as a result on an internet search for Marmite!

Lets say that word one more time - MARMITE!!!


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