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The REOFFENDERS are on an indefinite break. Never say never, but we currently have no plans to play. However, we had joy and we had fun... and we blogged about it. Enjoy reading and reliving some good times.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Soundwaves Weekend

On Friday, The REOFFENDERS were honoured to open The Soundwaves weekend. We played a charity event at the Coaver Club on Topsham Road and had almost a sellout event.

Slightly Shirley opened the event with 45 minutes of covers in their own style. The band have an amazing collection of instruments: saxaphone, accordian, percussion as well as drums, bass and guitar. I really really enjoyed it, and loved the twist that they gave songs. Keep your eyes open for these guys, they're great!

Faced with a room of people sat at tables, I admit that I wasn't sure how well we'd be received. We're a bit more 'jumpy up and down', but within minutes of us starting, the dancefloor swelled with jumping up and down... and some amazing breakdancing!

The following night, we went to the Longbrooke to support Trigger Happy who were donating a proportion of their fee to Soundwaves. John and I got up to sing American Idiot with them, joined by Bully on bass (Bully and John are both heavily involved with the charity). A collection bucket was passed round after John said a few words about what the charity does and everyone was very generous.

Elsewhere, other bands in Devon were also playing and contributing part of their fee, and raising awareness of this great charity. We're waiting for the final figure of how much was raised but I reckon it was definitely over £600 so well done to everyone who put some money in, especially the bands who were amazingly supportive!


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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Bish Bash Tosh

During a recent weekend off, Paul Indesit was helping former drummer, Tracy Toshiba, with her album that she's recording.... getting some of that Indy guitar chug on there. When they ran out of time, Tracy came back to Devon with Indy to get another few days at it and so was able to come to a REOFFENDERS gig at the New Quay in Teignmouth.

There was a respectable amount of people in the audience during the first half but in the second half, it was heaving! People squished shoulder to shoulder! It was great! Paul Magimix very kindly asked Tracy if she'd like to guest star on a song, and so after a quick run through in her head for preparation, she climbed into the drum stool for Psycho - the first time she'd played it in three years!

I'd forgotten just how hard she hits them drums! Crikey! But as always she had bags of energy and lots of excited cries of "wooooo" from behind the drumkit. It was great fun for us and thanks to the audience of the New Quay for indulging us. Cheers


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Friday, March 05, 2010

Update on Sound Waves Saturday

8 bands are already signed up to support Soundwaves! They are:

The Reoffenders and Slightly Shirley - Coaver Club, Exeter (launch event on the Friday)
The Bobkatz - The Bowling Green, Exeter
The Barracoodas - The Junction, Plymouth
The Cadence - Berry Head Hotel, Brixham
Trigger Happy - The Longbrooke, Exeter
Dirty Money - The Beach, Exmouth
Thick as Thieves - The Weary Traveller, Cullompton

Come and see The Reoffenders and Slightly Shirley on Friday. The evening promises to be a lot of fun...2 live bands, bar, car parking, disabled facilities and no doubt some nosh, all for the small charge of a fiver... BARGAIN. And great fun music to boot! Come along, bring your friends, an all ages event. Email the box office on to reserve your tickets. £5 each.

Then on Saturday, get out again to support one of the Soundwaves Saturday bands, all of who are donating a proportion of their gig fee to the charity.


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Thursday, March 04, 2010

New Venues

We're always on the lookout for new venues, something about not knowing what to expect from the venue or the audience gives that little buzz. And there's always the hope that its going to turn into a favourite haunt.

We've got four new venues coming up. First up is the Village Inn at Exwick. It's a regular in most bands gig lists but for whatever reason, we've never played there despite years of comparing diaries.

Then on Easter Saturday, we're at the Whipton & Pinhoe Labour Club. There is a charge for non-members but I'm assured that the cheap bar will make up for that! Its a side of town that we haven't played at before so hopefully we can make some new friends there. It's a big room so plenty of room for jumping about... Hadrian (chief jumper up and downer) has already said that he's going ;-)

A week later, we're at the Centre Spot at Exeter City FC. There are quite a few people who come to watch us are ECFC fans and I was stunned when I looked on the Exeweb forums by how many of our gigs have been mentioned on there in the last few years! We've had some gentle pestering from those people about playing the Centre Spot and we're delighted to announce our first gig there on Friday 9th April.

In May, we play Ilminster for the first time. I've heard a lot of good things about this place, mainly that it has a huge freezer full of icecream! WTF? And they have a stage with lights, lasers, smoke machine and bubbles. Bubbles you say? I'm there! It will end quite a hairy bank holiday weekend for us in May where we play Newton Abbot on the Thursday, Llandudno on Saturday, Wellington on Sunday and Ilminster on the Monday. I may take the Tuesday off work!

July takes us to Montecute, near Yeovil. It's a cosy venue with potential for a great atmosphere. Should be a goodun.

But I'm wishing the year away already so I'm not going to look beyond the summer just yet.... I could get used to seeing that yellow ball in the sky again, it's been so long!


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