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The REOFFENDERS are on an indefinite break. Never say never, but we currently have no plans to play. However, we had joy and we had fun... and we blogged about it. Enjoy reading and reliving some good times.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Butlins Video


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Missing the Mayhem

I had a very very late start today. In fact, the only reason I got up was knowing that I wouldn't sleep tonight (or the rest of the week) if I didn't drag myself up.

I've got a day off today so a whole day of doing nothing which is great after a very tiring weekend. But it does provide a bit of a comedown.

The band have spent two days in each others pockets which I can imagine in some bands would be a nightmare. But these guys are really good fun to be with and I'm missing my punk family right now (soppy git).

All that chatter and adrenalin suddenly replaced with peace and quiet. It feels a bit weird


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Monday, February 25, 2008

Back in Skeggy

I'd been ordered to have a sensible and early night on Saturday because of our early start the next day to go to Butlins. Paul kipped at Chez Morphenhoov and we went out for a couple of beers in Topsham and got to bed at about 1am (which actually isn't all that sensible).

Siouxie Moo navigatesKatie and Bully arrived next morning and we were on the M5 by 10am. We kept going until we got to Melton Mowbray which is where you wave goodbye to dual carriageways. John's mum lives in Melton so we called in to say hello and were treated to really nice sandwiches, home made scones and cake followed by strawberries! John's mum then followed us out to the van to give Paul some extra cake for the journey. Bless!

I was rather excited to be meeting an old friend from Sunderland. I hadn't seen Susan in about 5 years and she was coming down to Skeggy to see the gig with her partner, Martin. We met her outside, got our chalet keys and then sorted out where everyone was living that night. The rhythm section had one chalet whilst Hoover and I shared with Paul. The chalets are quite spacious two bedroom apartments with full kitchen - a lot better than I remember as a kid. After a quick cuppa/beer* (delete depending on band member... and you know who had what!) we headed off to Reds to soundcheck.

Reds holds about 1000 people and I thought had a nicer stage than the Minehead Reds, with video screens either side and at the bar so everyone could see what was going on. The lineup for Reds that night was The Jamm, The REOFFENDERS and then Mercury (Queen tribute).

TV showing schedule for Reds that nightHoover and I went back to our chalet for a microwave meal (ooh yummy) while the others got takeaway. Butlins have an information TV station which shows you who's playing where. Nice to see our name on the screen ;-)

The REOFFENDERS onstage at Butlins SkegnessWe went back to Reds to watch The Jamm who were very very good before going to get changed. It's funny how the last hour really drags before showtime. We had a nice sized stage and radio mics so Hoover and I made full use of the space and made sure we played up to the audience. It's great to have more room to move about and really perform. I think my favourite song remains Nellie the Elephant which got interesting as Katie waited until we were all out for breath before coming in for the last chorus, much to the amusement of our soundman on the monitors.

We've got some photos and video that Susan and Martin took that will appear on our Facebook/YouTube very soon. Things to look out for: Bully spinning round round right round during Dead or Alive, me looking at Katie as if to say "well come on then" before that last chorus of Nellie, Indesit skipping off stage after Nellie which was our last song.

Hoover and Indesit enjoying their Anarchy AleWe watched Mercury over a couple of beers before heading back to our chalet for a post gig bottle of Anarchy Ale, which was a Christmas present from Bethy Bosch. We've been saving it for a special occasion and that seemed as good as any.

We were in the van again by 10.30am the next morning, all looking that bit more weary than the day before. Conversation was less in the van as we hunted for somewhere doing a good breakfast. The Cosy Corner Cafe in Grantham obliged and refuelled us for the long journey home. Why does it always take longer on the way back?


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Friday, February 15, 2008

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The Facebook thing will have a few more random things on there so have a wander over and make friends


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Monday, February 11, 2008

Great Weekend

Armed with 10 new songs, this weekend gave us our last chance of a warm up for Butlins and it went down a storm. Lots of dancing (and we think the girl:boy ratio has increased with the new set) and a happy little squeal from Elaine when we played Rebel Yell on Friday ;-)

I particularly enjoyed Saturday night as it seemed that everyone I knew was there that night! As always, it's great to see Bethy Bosch and Lou. Sorry if I didn't get to wander round at half time and say hello to everyone... think I got to most of you though.

As I said, we had lots of girls dancing. One girl in particular (who was a teensy bit squiffy) was jiggling her bits very provocatively. Or was she trying to jiggle her bits out of their harness? I don't know but it brought a broad smile to Mr Indesit's face.

Thanks to the lovely red haired girl who danced to the old school punk. Glad we could oblige - see you next time.

Right then, roll on Skeggy!


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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Radio Interview

I finally uploaded the radio interview that we did. YouTube deemed it too long so until I have time to mess about with it, its just a bog standard mp3.

It's not just about us... its about punk in Devon, but there are some rather nice sound bytes from Bully, John and yours truly.

Listen Here

p.s. note to self, if anyone ever records a gig on a portable recorder DON'T let them allow a pissed bloke to sing into the mic! *sigh*


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Monday, February 04, 2008

Making New Friends

This weekend saw The REOFFENDERS putting about 200 miles under our belts as we travelled to Minehead on Friday and Bridport on Saturday.

"Who would book this?" I asked sheepishly. Erm, me! Oops. Gotta get that South West map pinned to the wall!

Minehead was generally a quiet town on Friday night, but everyone who was out was in the Hairy Dog to see us for what was only our second gig there. There was lots of dancing and singing along but when we played My Way, the world exploded! People who'd been sitting quietly enjoying the music all night suddenly turned into pogoing animals! Crikey!

Our visit to Bridport on Saturday was our first gig at the Crown. A quick look at the handpumps and I rubbed my little mits together with glee - every beer that Palmers brew was there ;-) Oh the tragedy of not being the driver. We had quite a small place to setup. The bar is in the middle of the room so we faced diagonally so that the other side of the bar wasn't excluded.

From the opening kazoo notes, people smiled, laughed and sang along right to the end. It's great when people "get it". If you visit Bridport today, you may see one or two of our tshirts wandering around as the audience enjoyed it so much they kitted themselves out in this years must have fashion accessory. Even the landlord bought one - now that ain't a bad sign is it?


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