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The REOFFENDERS are on an indefinite break. Never say never, but we currently have no plans to play. However, we had joy and we had fun... and we blogged about it. Enjoy reading and reliving some good times.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rematch in Dawlish

Last time we played the Lansdowne in Dawlish, we got huge applause just by sound checking. I was a tad worried that I was looking forward to it so much and maybe it wouldn't be as good the second time around.

We arrived to setup, only to find that the second half of the football had just started on the big screen which was placed exactly where we were to set up. I'm getting really hacked off with sports on TV in pubs!!! We sat outside behind the pub with a drink with all of our gear that was unloaded and waiting to go in.

It was a very quick setup indeed but I was amazed to find that we were ready to go on time. We had a captive audience from the start and had a couple of very enthusiastic dancers at the front - Mr "'AVE IT!" and his mate. Lots of dancing and singing... you can't begin to understand how much energy that gives us, so thanks for that.

We had our first opportunity to use our "Blue Cat standing on one leg pose" during Offspring's, I Want You Bad! Should I show you the blue cat or keep you wondering? hmmmm, I'll think about it. Anyway, it makes us laugh ;-D

p.s. can we have Yellowhammer back on next time we play....?


"Blue cat standing on one leg" is done just like this.

Get that?

Weren't you looking?

Do I have to do that again?

Soddit. Come to a gig and you'll see.

By Blogger Johnny Hoover, at 12:06 am, March 28, 2007  

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'Ello 'Ello 'Ello

Indesit and I arrived at the Pen and Quill in Taunton on Friday to be told that there were 60 CID inside for a leaving do, and the guest of honour wanted to see us and had brought the party there! As audiences go, that's not bad for a starters!

Hoover was in fine form with lots of police related gags. In fact, he was on such good form as a comedian, I was getting concerned that we would never get to the end of our setlist before closing. It is a joy to see him in action though, and funnier when all you can hear behind you is Tosh giggling uncontrollably. We find him funny too!

Big thanks to the Pen and Quill audience for the best rendition of Psycho yet! To be taught a song that you don't know and then sing it so loudly 2 minutes later is fantastic. And as Hoover says, you know you WILL be singing it at the bus stop ;-)


Oh yes. It wasa great night from the first "Evenin' All"...

Got them all up dancing to Should I Stay... and the police gags were a treat for the mouthy frontman that is Hoover.

Thanks to everyone and best wishes to Pete at his new copshop ;o)

By Blogger Johnny Hoover, at 12:04 am, March 28, 2007  

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Bromheads Jacket

Oo-oo What If Maybe, Oo-oo What If Maybe....

Went to see Bromheads Jacket at The Cockpit in Leeds last night. Please everybody buy their album. 'Dits from the commuter belt' is the best record i've heard all year...

Storming punk thrashes and the wonderfully atmospheric 'poppy girl'. This is music from a new generation that brings together all the best bits of the past with a certain something that is so 'now'.

I've played their stuff to two friends. Bethy bought the album straight off and Paul want us to play their songs in The REOFFENDERS... yes they're that good


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Monday, March 19, 2007

REOFFENDERS back in Cornwall

Our first stop in Cornwall was Helston, a hasty last minute booking after a St Paddy's Day related cancellation elsewhere. Landlord Neil seemed up for giving this unknown band a whirl and he wasn't disappointed. I believe the words were "One of the best bands we've ever had!".

REOFFENDERS at the Bell in HelstonThe Bell is an odd place to play becuase you're in a raised area where the pool table is, peering out over some banisters. The pool table in the corner made space a premium so Smeg and Indesit spent most of the night lookng at the back of the speakers.

That said, they don't half like their music and danced their arses off all night and the metal heads to our left loved the new Anthrax cover. We WILL be back at the Bell!

Pissed in CornwallThree of the Pondlife guys came to see us which was awesome. We love 'em! Sadly we didn't get much time to catch up.... I think that's gonna take a long night and lots of beer! Paul.... get yerself up here soon!

After we'd packed away, we raced down to the Blue Anchor for last orders. I've been going on about Spingo beer and was gutted to find that there was no Spingo Special on. We settled for Spingo Middle but it just ain't the same!

Takeout in HelstonCheesy chips and kebabs all round and then back to Strathallan, our accommodation for the night. We were very impressed with the attention to detail by our hosts - very good indeed. They used John and I as guinnea pigs the next morning with veggie savoury muffins ontop of a breakfast that was already huge! I was most impressed to see everyone at breakfast by 9.30am but we did suspect that it'd be a cold day in Hell before Indesit missed a cooked breakfast.

We travelled towards Polzeath after picking up our kit from the Bell. We stopped off at our B&B, Trelulla which took a bit of finding as it doesn't have a street name and as its in the middle of nowhere, Multimap didn't really show anything. Smeg's SatNav was also a bit confused but we got there in the end with some good old fashioned map reading from Hoover. The B&B was a huge house with very homely rooms and a living room for guests as well as the three bedrooms that we had (ain't it handy when everyone couples off).

Paul wanted to play with a new box of tricks that he'd bought for his guitar so John and I amused ourselves with watching American Idol on TV before hunger got the better of us and we gathered the troups to go foraging for food.

We went to the Oystercatcher first, our venue for that evening. They don't do food during the day but they pointed us in the direction of the Rock Bar at Rock where we got the hugest burgers in the world and a nice pint of Tribute. The weather was a bit rubbish outside so we played pool, ate and then went back to the Oystercatcher. Unfortunately the rugby was on so we couldn't setup as early as we would've liked. We were all fading a bit after a late night the night before so we vegged for a bit while the rugby was on.

Once the rugby was over, we cracked on and got setup. We'd brought the big guns (sub woofers, mixing desk and 2.5k PA) so there was more to do but we do seem to be getting quicker with it. After a long day of drinking lots of Guinness to win hats and watching rugby, some were a little weary on their feet but the "standy uppy table" danced for the duration (2hrs 20 mins) that we played. The girls at the front were great too.... they seemed a bit embarrassed at Hoover's antics but got into the spirit quite quickly.

Everyone flaked out as soon as they got back to their rooms... no late night chattsies that night.

After another early breakfast, we headed back to Devon. Paul Indesit and Beer Roadie extraordinaire, Marnie Hinari, were in Iggy Exeter bound whilst Smeg and Tosh went the direct route back to Plymouth. The Iggy bus detoured to Boscastle on the way back for a very brisk walk in the freezing cold and to buy a blue cat which stands on one leg but has inspired a gig silly pose.

A great weekend.... roll on August when we do it again!


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Marnie Hinari

I have to give a special mention to our most recently christened REOFFENDER.

Paul and Marnie....awwww, ain't they cute!Marnie is Paul's uvver 'alf and has been to God knows how many REOFFENDERS gigs and provided us with hundreds of gig photos that we otherwise wouldn't have had. Moments like the Marine Theatre and Butlins... we've got pics thanks to her.

She's been known to restring guitars when Paul has one of his three in a night gigs (that's guitars!) and is the most awesome beer roadie!

So cheers Marnie... can we say that we've got "crew" now?


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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Look ma! I'm on telly!

If you're a regular visitor here (and if you're not, you should be), you'll remember that we played the Hub in Plymouth with the Sex Pistols Experience a couple of months ago. Tonight, I got my paws on the DVD!

There is something very odd about watching yourself on TV but I haven't cringed too much yet. The sound is straight off the desk so a bit flat but Smeg's gonna see if he can do something with that. But all in all, great stuff.

Highlight: the "Dig That Groove" vogue posing. Or maybe its just funny to us ;-)

Well that's Mother's Day presents sorted out all round!


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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pack Your Buckets and Spades Kids!

The REOFFENDERS head back to Cornwall next weekend for two nights. The Saturday night takes us to the Oystercatcher in Polzeath whilst the Friday takes us to the Bell Inn in Helston. As a self confessed beer "inspector", I'm looking forward to calling in at the Blue Anchor across the road for some Spingo! It'll also be good to see our Pondlife mates! Hurrah!


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