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The REOFFENDERS are on an indefinite break. Never say never, but we currently have no plans to play. However, we had joy and we had fun... and we blogged about it. Enjoy reading and reliving some good times.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sex Pistols Experience at The Hub

The REOFFENDERS returned to The Hub in Plymouth last night. We played there with Too Hot on the last night of our August tour and it was great to get back there. It's a nice sized stage, really good PA, brilliant sound guys.... what else could you want?

Well playing with The Sex Pistols Experience was a pretty damn fine addition! We'd been looking forward to this for a while, the SPE tour the world as the closest thing you're ever gonna get to seeing the Sex Pistols. They don't just look like the original Sex Pistols, they sound like them too!

We played a blistering 19 songs in an hour, mainly classics but with a bit of Toy Dolls and Elton John chucked in too. The audience went with the silliness and we had them chanting "Britney, Britney" before you knew it. They also enjoyed singing Goldblade's Psycho with us - it's a great moment when you get a new audience to join in with a song that they don't know!

We've been promised a DVD recording of the gig and should have that by next weekend so keep your eye on the website for that.

The SPE were brilliant. It's eerie how much Sid and Johnny look the real deal and how well they have their mannerisms. I particularly enjoyed Sid's banter with the audience although Johnny got a perfect one line put down in which got huge applause.

We'll be keeping in touch with the SPE boys and hopefully support them again next time they're in the South West.


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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hot and Sweaty at the Vintage

Saturday saw the long awaited return to the Vintage in Wellington. We've only played there once before - last May bank holiday when Diamond Dogz played the marquee outside and then we played inside straight after to a very tightly squeezed in audience.

We were all a bit tired from staying up with Punk'd.... sorry, I mean Slob, the night before but once we started playing, the energy came rushing back. Smeg looked much more at ease having popped his cherry the night before and introduced a new instrument to our musical ensemble... the triangle! I mean, what self respecting punk band doesn't have one!

The REOFFENDERS at the VintageBefore long, we had a full on mosh pit infront of us with beer spilling everywhere, bodies slamming together, drinks being knocked off tables and glasses broken. One guy cut his hand on a glass but carried on regardless. He kept being taken behind the bar to get patched up before getting back into the middle of things.

We played for 2 hours and then came back for a five song encore.

This is what its all about! From the first song, the Wellington crowd were with us and gave us so much energy - I can't tell you what a difference it makes. We've got gigs booked at the Vintage throughout the year so it won't be too long till we're back again! Huzzah!


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Punk'd Come to Town

There has been much excitement in The REOFFENDERS ranks about the visit of Punk'd, our myspace buddies from Stourbridge.

On Friday afternoon, they arrived at Chez Morphenhoov for a quick bite to eat before jumping in Iggy to head off for sunny Brixham. Oooh, we do love the Bolton.

It always amazes me how much stuff we take to gigs. Add to that all the stuff belonging to another band and... well... that's A LOT of stuff! It seemed to take ages getting setup. This wasn't helped by us using an unfamiliar PA which we were trying out with a view to buying. Our mate Radar of BMAD fame helped us out on the sound so we had an extra pair of hands on board.

Punk'dPunk'd stormed through a great one hour set which included dropouts into Adam and the Ants and Pulp Fiction's Dick Dale. Our other favourite was Too Drunk to Fuck! (You can hear it on their myspace... blatant plug). Awesome guys, awesome! Was Stevie singing from the heart? ;-) If you've looked at Punk'ds myspace/website at all, you'll notice that Stevie Boy has a fixation on blowjobs. Tracy did her best to accommodate mid song although this seemed to make the words fall out of his head! Tee hee! Add into the mix a brummie trying to do his best Devon accent which sounded more Pirates of the Caribbean. It was most entertaining! I had forgotten to mention to them beforehand though that support bands aren't meant to be so damn good - they were a tough act to follow!

Then it was our turn! It was Smeg's first gig and he did a great job despite a few nerves beforehand. We'd changed our set to be abit more silly because we knew Punk'd would do lots of classics. One thing was for sure.... they didn't have Girls Aloud in their set!

Punk'dWe played for an hour and a half before being joined on stage by Punk'd for Teenage Kicks, and then landlord Ian brought us back for request from him.... Jilted John. Unrehearsed songs live! Always an interesting experience.

We got home at about 2am and I think the Punk'd boys stayed up till about 4am, although they're not big drinkers. With the exception of Slob! He had a good go at making up for his bandmates in the beer department and stayed up with us till... well, he just stayed up. I crashed at about 7am although I'm slightly distressed that I went to bed before Hoover (the lightweight). It's unprecidented!

Thanks soooooooooo much to Punk'd for coming down. We had a great night and it was brilliant to finally meet you! You're our heroes!


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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Introducing Smeg

SmegSurrealist painter and graffiti artist "Smeg" is, of course, best revered for his seminal 2002 work "Where's mypipe raymond?" where a forty-three foot painting of a jar of marmite was hung from Westminster Bridge for five hours until the violent intervention of river police and a man with a dog sent it crashing into the Thames. That work, and his naked performance of "Covent Garden Sucks" in the following June on the Richard and Judy show finally cemented Smeg's position as a major force in the new british art movement.

Never one to do what is expected, he retired from public life for three years, and only now has resurfaced as bass powerhouse of Devon punks, The REOFFENDERS.

Thundering basslines replacing thrashing paintstrokes? Is this art? Well it certainly aint yeast extract.


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