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The REOFFENDERS are on an indefinite break. Never say never, but we currently have no plans to play. However, we had joy and we had fun... and we blogged about it. Enjoy reading and reliving some good times.

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

August Gig 7/19 - The Copperhouse, Hayle

Our friend Dave is looking after the cats while we're away. He also works for the Met Office in Exeter. On Friday he texted Heather to say "cats are all fine, sorry about the weather tomorrow"...

We wake up on Saturday to the sound of rain. A lot of rain. A hell of a lot of rain. Shedloads of rain. Its raining buckets, and spades, and towels, and deckchairs. And don't get me started on the cats and dogs... yep its raining them too.

So what can a band do when faced with this? You're right. Go back to bed for a bit. No point there though. The sound of the hammering rain on the tent is even louder than Paul's ipod!

But I don't care much about the weather really though. I've got an excellent book to read (A Street with No Name, Childhood Misadventures in Bulgaria) and its a great chance to chill out in the tent and get some chapters read.

Heather does the same with her Asimov book and Bully retires to his own tent do some work that he's brought along. Meanwhile Indesit and Tefal break out the acoustic guitars and lay down some great tunes for us.

The rain's still falling as we arrive at The Copperhouse. There's lots of space to play and Katie remarks that she's "got a good feeling about this one".

And indeed, right from the soundcheck, the punters are there and really up for it. Andy (with his family this time) and his Navy pals from Wednesday night's gig in Falmouth return for another helping of REOFFENDERS magic and spurred on by their support we're "on fire".

It's the last gig of the week, so Paul, Heather, and Bully make it a full-on drinkathon. It's pretty good beer at The Copperhouse, so there's nothing to stop them!

It's as hot in The Copperhouse as Tuesday night under the big lights but by the end we are once again feeling that this being in a band thing is just great! :o))

The Copperhouse has been a triumph and has secured itself in our top list of Kernow venues for the future. I don't think we've had a "first gig" at a venue this good since we went to The Vintage.

A special thanks goes to Tony and his mates for singing along to everything. You'll be sure that we'll play "Rude Boys" for you next time we see you.

At the end Joe came by to talk to Paul and get some guitar tips from the maestro... "play it really loud and annoy your parents" was possibly Paul's best tip!

It's stoppped raining and turned into a pleasant evening too. When we get back to the tent we watch the sky to see the Perseids (shooting stars) in the night sky. Magic.

Miles on the van today = 24
Total miles in August = 564
T-shirts sold in August = 5

Hoover x


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