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The REOFFENDERS are on an indefinite break. Never say never, but we currently have no plans to play. However, we had joy and we had fun... and we blogged about it. Enjoy reading and reliving some good times.

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

August Gig 2/19 - The Crown, Bridport

Well its certainly starting to feel like holidaytime. Bridport is a holiday destination and so, for the first time this month, there was a split of locals and tourists in the pub to be "entertained".

The Crown is very "up close and personal" and certainly the tighest space we've got to fit into. Nevertheless the welcome from everybody in the pub is first-rate. There were lots of happy diners in the pub while we set up (certainly looks worth eating there if you're ever passing through) and so we left the soundcheck till after 9 o'clock as you don't really want someone belting out "Ever Fallen in Love" in your ear while your trying to shovel down your Raspberry Pavlova...

It was lovely to catch up with Margie from the Marine Theatre in Lyme. She was with visiting friends who like punk, so she thought she'd bring them to see us. We'd talked on the phone and emailed many times setting up our Marine Theatre gigs so it was lovely to meet up.

The gang of chaps on one table started us off by saying, after the soundcheck, can you sort out an argument or us? Was that sound-check song by The Undertones? No, I said, it was The Buzzcocks. And so from then on it wasn't so much a gig as a music pub quiz! They were spot on recognising Green Day and The Stranglers, but a bit more shakey when it came to The Rezillos. Nevermind, Hoover had the rest of the pub guessing the original artists for lots of songs from then on in... ahem...

In fact, the first set took about four and a half hours to play as my motormouth ran way with me. When it gets like that, the rest of the band are seriously considering taking up a hobby, just to help pass the time while i'm doing yet another long, long song introduction.

By the end we'd had a great time, sold the pub quiz boys two t-shirts (they are indeed excellent quality and competitively priced at £10), and also said hello to Mona and her friends from Yeovil who'd been following us via the internet for some time and just got to see us! Thanks for coming along. Was great to see you and I hope we meet again.

Bully helped pack and, very wisely indeed, legged it at a reasonable time while Heather and Paul (who may have had one or two pints of The Crown's rather lovely Palmer's ales) proceeded to chat for another hour or so... but one of the chats was with two of the band "Cryin Out Loud". We were well impressed with their live CD (recorded at The Crown), especially the opening AC/DC track which Paul said was "very heavy". Find them at

Back home and straight to bed... er.. no... Y'see one of the great things about having a Wii is that you can use it to browse the internet on your telly. So we checked our myspace...

..and already there was a friend request from The Mighty Acorns, one of whom saw us at The Crown and spoke to Paul ages about guitars and things (don't ask me what, I'm only a bloody singer). Good luck guys with your first gig at the end of August :o)

...and still you-tubing we watch the new Slipknot single (very good indeed) and some Victorian English Gentlemens Club (Heather and I got the album recently and like it) and finally as Heather and Paul faded away, I watched Americans playing "live Mario Karts" by riding kids tricycles round a park and throwing stuff at each other (quality telly)...

And so to bed... 5am... oops...

Miles on the van today = 80
Total miles in August = 164
T-shirts sold in August = 2

Hoover x


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