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The REOFFENDERS are on an indefinite break. Never say never, but we currently have no plans to play. However, we had joy and we had fun... and we blogged about it. Enjoy reading and reliving some good times.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

3 Fat Fish with S.O.B.

The REOFFENDERS turned up at the 3FF and weren't all that ready to rock. Indesit had a crap day at work, Hoover felt like pants, Bosch and Morph were less than perky... and Le Creuset was steaming down the M4/M5 from Swindon, not due in till 8:30 if we were lucky... and there was very few people in the place too...

Then we met the lads from SOB and things began to look up. Wot a nice bunch o' blokes! With no Brucie we soundchecked Basket Case with their drummer (cos they play that one too) and the PA, the sound, and SOB's funky lights raised the spirits.

Brucie turned up precisely at 8:30 and I went downstairs to get "suited up". Suddenly it was "game on" and we stumbled into the limelight as Brucie thrashed out the opening of New Rose. It was time to Rock and Roll.

...and the rest, they say, is history. We played to the growing audience and the overall lack of punters just meant I had a much bigger stage (about half the pub) to run about in and act like a tosser. And the SOB boys really got where we were at and proved a most appreciative audience.

So that was that then. The power of rock and roll triumphed and we had a ball.

But that wasn't that.

Up came SOB to deliver a fitting response to our travesty of rock with a fantastic show of rock covers and really good original stuff. Hard to pick out any stars in the band, they're all great musicians and clearly love every moment while they're up there. Highlight for me as the Killers cover... most excellent!

SOB are another band we'll be checking out locally. I suggest you all do too.

ps we're playing the Bowling Green next week. Surely you'll have all finished Harry Potter by then and be up for going out!


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