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The REOFFENDERS are on an indefinite break. Never say never, but we currently have no plans to play. However, we had joy and we had fun... and we blogged about it. Enjoy reading and reliving some good times.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

August Gig 16/19 - The Vintage, Wellington

So here we go then. The Vintage in Wellington. It's likely to be the best and maddest gig of the month. We've had emails and messages from people in the town/pub saying that they're really up for this one... so lets see...

First off Lady Katie agrees to drive up in her car, making space in the van for our mates Beth and Lou. You know Beth, she's the first ever REOFFENDERS bassist and always welcome along when she's in town.

So Beth and Lou pile in the back of the van with Paul. Destination, Wellington!

Lets go to Wellington!

Meanwhile in Somerset, the preparations take place. Clive and Yvette decide "punk" is the style of the night!

Clive and Yvette - ready to go!

We arrive in Wellington to find its a lovely evening the the gig is most definately outside. We're treated to the last four songs from Bristol-based rockers "The Outsiders". Nice bit of metal and twice as much drumkit as Katie has!

Things look up to for the drinkers as Dave's got a very nice pint of Sunraker on offer - so thats sorted then.

Clive and Yvette aren't the only ones dressing up. Here's Steve with his wonderful own-label REOFFENDERS T-shirt.

The front of Steve's Tshirt

The back of Steve's Tshirt

By the time it starts we've got a fair crowd and a veritable sea of REOFFENDERS tshirts.

The later it gets, the messier it gets and by the time we do Psycho its very mad indeed. One sprained ankle is the final injury list, so not too bad ;o)

Here's some more pics of what was indeed a top night of the month. Thanks to Clive for sticking the video of Psycho on YouTube and big thanks for Katie's "Same Difference" poster, which graced the drumkit throughout the second half of the show (more of them in a later blog)


Johnny Hoover

Miles on the van today = 56
Total miles in August = 1457
T-shirts sold in August = 19

Hoover x


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