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The REOFFENDERS are on an indefinite break. Never say never, but we currently have no plans to play. However, we had joy and we had fun... and we blogged about it. Enjoy reading and reliving some good times.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

August Gig 12/19 - The Golden Lion, St Ives

As the dawn breaks across the sky on Sunday morning, Paul Indesit is standing at the door of the St Erth surfshop ready to buy the wetsuit and shortly afterwards Tefal and Indesit are gracing the beaches of St Ives bodyboards in hand covered head to toe in black neoprene...

...meanwhile I'm still in bed...

...Heather's still in bed...

...Bully's still in bed...

Today's the day when Heather's getting her long-awaited trip to Paradise Park in Hayle. If all goes well then she hopes to have a Penguin living in her bath and an Otter in the sink.

After a sandwich in the tent we check out Paradise Park and we are very impressed. Nine quid each to get in, but its good value as there's lots of birds and animals to see. We're not too "birdy" so the birds have to take second place to the Otters and Penguins, and we have a good time feeding the goats. But its the Chipmunks that steal Heather's heart.. "I want one" "Can I take one home?"

Red Squirrel

Otters posing for pictures

And so to the last Cornwall gig. We're in the Lion's Den at the Golden Lion, and it's good to be back. We really do have friends all around us (hi there Bettina and Tony!) and it feels like a "home gig".

Everyone's flagging a bit now as its the end of a very busy two weeks, but Kayne's not going to let tiredness get in the way of a good night. In comes the first round of JeagerBombs - lets get this party started!

There's people over from Hayle too, who promised they'd be here! There's new people too who really love it and we love it all too.

Two and a half hours later and its been another storming night. By all accounts everybody's had a great time and there's lots been spent at the bar and Bully is more drunk than I've ever seen him... Thanks to Kayne again, and afterwards also Dan, Bully remarks "I'm very drunk and I don't really know what I've been drinking"

Tired at the start, buzzing at the end! That's the power of Rock'n'Roll.

It's a great way to end a tour. It's why we always end it at The Lion.

Thanks to Jenny the landlady, Barry the barman, and Kayne the procurer of strong drink!

Miles on the van today = 18
Total miles in August = 1110
T-shirts sold in August = 12 - thats more like it!

Dan bought two tshirts!

Hoover x

ps. Quote of the night goes to Paul Indesit, who steps up to the mike, looks at me and replies "F&*k off, you f*&king spikey-haired c*&t". Its been a running joke for about the last month that we talk to each other in the style of the Tesside Tin Tin, one of the current marvels of YouTube... play this and I think you'll get the picture...

Yes, I know its purile...


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