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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Looking After Band Equipment

I've been mulling over for a while now about ear protection. I didn't think I particularly needed it, but was aware that I was the only one in the band that didn't have the first signs of tinnitus. This goes back to Bethy's days.

So anyway, it's been in the back of my mind but the price tag is around £200 so I was concerned that I had to get the right thing.

I came across a website Don't Lose the Music and the following quotes made my decision for me pretty quickly. Two weeks ago, I was fitted for custom fitted ER15 musicians earplugs at the princely sum of £165. The rest of the band is waiting with baited breath to hear my verdict. Another week, and I should have them. My ears were ringing after BMAD so I can't wait.


Moby: "When I first started playing in bands I never wore hearing protection and we played as loud as we possibly could. One night I came home from a punk rock show and my ears were ringing, as they often did. And they were still ringing the next day. And the next. Ever since then I've always worn some sort of hearing protection when exposed to very loud music because I realised that once my hearing is gone it will never return."

Jon Harper - Cooper Temple Clause: "I think hearing issues are really important. I'm a musician, it's my profession. My ears are the most important thing to me. I use moulded ER15 earplugs - if it's good enough for Radiohead, it's good enough for me. My ears are fine - it's my liver that's shot!"

Danny McNamara - Embrace: "The first six months I had tinnitus were awful. Every night I'd go to bed with the radio on just to drown out the constant and awful high pitched 'test card tone' in my head. I went onto the internet to find a solution only to discover there is no real cure, among all the coping strategies and group workshops. I went to a specialist who told me the years of loud music had done irreparable damage to my ears, all I could do was see that it didn't get worse.

Five years on and I've learned to live with it, pretty much. I have days when it gets me down but not many. All I want to say is if you've just disovered you've got tinnitus don't despair - although it never goes away it does stop bringing you down after a while. If you haven't got tinnitus for God's sake take care of your ears before it's too late."


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