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The REOFFENDERS are on an indefinite break. Never say never, but we currently have no plans to play. However, we had joy and we had fun... and we blogged about it. Enjoy reading and reliving some good times.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Minehead Gig is ON!

We've just had confirmation... October 3rd at the York Inn in Minehead is definitely on! Hope to see you there!


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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Minehead Gig - On or Off?

We were a booked to play at the York in Minehead on October 3rd, however this may now not be happening.

They have something else in the pipeline which will or won't happen so currently, our gig is cancelled as they don't want to mess us about. But we might get rebooked at short notice.

So, if you were thinking about going to this gig, check our website or phone the venue nearer the time. Sorry if that's all a bit vague.


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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Now for the Soppy Bit...

Having updated the blog and uploaded photos onto our facebook, I'm feeling a bit emotional so I'm gonna write just a bit more. If you're squeamish, look away now.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to be in this band. To play to audiences like the ones at the 4 gigs this week, to meet so many people that I'd otherwise not ever meet and to travel to different places is a bonus on top of the fun of playing.

I'm especially honoured to be playing with such nice people. I hear stories of other bands who don't get on, have arguments or just don't ever speak to each other in some cases. I find that unimaginable. My band mates are some of my best friends and I'd trust them with my life. I love you guys!

Right, you can open your eyes now, Oscar speech over!


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Crazy Weekend Part Three

And as predicted... I did indeed feel like shit later!

The airport was quiet so we breezed through without any drama, had a quick hop over to Guernsey and then grabbed a taxi to Cobo Bay where we were staying and playing the first gig.

The Bay was looking rather beautiful and as our rooms weren't quite ready, we had a wander along the beach. We'd been told to help ourselves to breakfast and so tucked into a full English and croissants, and were joined by Mark, our soundman for the first gig.

The gig is on the balcony of Cobo Bay Hotel. The road is closed and the audience watch from the road and beach. Mine and John's hotel room was one of the ones housing the stage on the balcony so as we had a quick nap, people were clambering around setting up cables.

We had lunch at the Rockmount next door before enjoying the other band who were playing, The Tin Soldiers. Bloody good stuff, my particular favourites being Plug in Baby and Take on Me.

The REOFFENDERS on the balcony of Cobo Bay HotelThe heat was immense but we got very lucky as we started our gig when a bit of cloud appeared which took the temperature down a smidge. The stage was actually two hotel room balconies with a bar dividing them. We didn't run around quite as much as a result but did manage to duck under and hop over now and then. About two songs into our set, it hit me how bloody lucky we are to do this! It was such an amazing setting and an absolute joy to play.

Ooh how posh!After the show, we met up with David, the owner of the hotel who invited us to dinner and treated us to a bottle of chilled champagne! Oh I say! We sat outside sipping champers whilst watching the sun set across the bay. Rather civilised!

After dinner, we went next door to the Rockmount to play pool and have a few more drinks. We turned in at about 1am which felt much much later having had pretty much no sleep the previous night.

Chillin in St Peter PortWe met for breakfast the next morning and then caught a bus to St Peter Port. It was beautiful weather again but quite windy at Cobo. Once we were in the capital though, the air was still and nicely warm. We didn't really do a huge amount - mooched around the shops, stopped for a beer and a bite to eat before getting the bus back to Cobo but is was good to get out and about.

Buses in Guernsey are crazily cheap - a flat fee of 60p wherever you're going - so we decided to save the bosses some cash and get the bus to the Doghouse for soundcheck. It also gave us a chance to see a tour of the part of the island. We got to the Doghouse for 4pm and soundchecked before having dinner and a beer.

We weren't really sure how busy it would be. The Doghouse doesn't normally have music on a Tuesday and after two days of bands at Cobo, surely everyone would be knackered and spent up? Not the case. Although it was quieter than a Saturday, we had a really good audience - some new faces and some familiar - and I really felt that the audience was on our side before we even started.

The legs were growing weary and my throat was quite sore but we bounced around and sang our hearts out for over an hour and a half without stopping. David requested that My Way be repeated for his wife, Julie who had missed it the first time round and appealled to our better nature with another bottle of Champagne. You know, we could get used to this!

We got back to Cobo at about 1am and had a coffee in the boys' room before calling it a night.

4 hours sleep later, we were packing to come home. We were all looking well past our best by this point (apart from Madge who is annoyingly chipper and healthy looking first thing in the morning!) and we were all nodding off a bit on the plane. I totally missed take off and was snoring like a goodun by all accounts. Oops.

We had an amazing time in Guernsey. We are treated like royalty there and the people are so friendly, it's an absolute pleasure to be there. We're in talks about going back in April or May... can't wait!


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