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The REOFFENDERS are on an indefinite break. Never say never, but we currently have no plans to play. However, we had joy and we had fun... and we blogged about it. Enjoy reading and reliving some good times.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hot and Sunny at The Vintage

After months of appalling weather, a bank holiday Sunday of music in the garden at the Vintage seemed the perfect way to welcome the sun in what will probably be a brief appearance.

We've never made a secret of the fact that The REOFFENDERS look forward to Vintage gigs. The Vintage audience has never disappointed and often surprised, with its energy and enthusiasm for the band.

It was our first time playing outside at the Vintage in what proved to be a really nice space. Enough room for us to setup comfortably, jump around happily, props for Hoover to stand on and a captive audience down the sloping beer garden. Woo hoo! And they even put a patio down for Indesit to stand on! Awwwww!

A great gig! We were unusually quick at packing away because the Dave Rich Band were playing after us but thanks to everyone who came out to see us if we didn't thank you in person.

See ya'll soon ;-)


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