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The REOFFENDERS are on an indefinite break. Never say never, but we currently have no plans to play. However, we had joy and we had fun... and we blogged about it. Enjoy reading and reliving some good times.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007


Katie Tefal - Drums

Katie TefalKatie slaps the skins for the REOFFENDERS following on an illustrious pedigree of reoffending beatmasters. Her speed and strength, invaluable to the high-octane punk scene, has been forged through her years working in the media as a stunt double. Who can forget her elastic gymnastics featuring so highly in action movies like "A Room With a View", "Pride and Prejudice", and "Paddington goes to the Seaside". And on TV, Katie still specialises in action consultancy for washing powder and general cleaning fluid action sequences. And it can now be revealed that Katie is indeed "the legs of the Marmite lady", in the award-winning adverts still popular on television screens right across the Balkans.

Bully 'Baby' Belling - Bass

Bully Baby BellingBully "Baby" Belling is the most accomplished musician ever to grace the REOFFENDERS line-up. Indeed, its been a huge task to get the man who taught Westlife how to play all their instruments to be able to fit into the "loser" style of the REOFFENDERS. Mr Indesit's kind offer to "smash his hands with a hammer and staple his eyelids down", though attractive as a quick fix to the skills imbalance in the guitar section was finally rejected in favour of the cunning device of smearing sticky Marmite along the bass frets to make it damn near impossible to play anything that resembles a tune.


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Friday, May 25, 2007

Farewell to Tosh and Smeg

We always look forward to gigs at the Vintage (because they're mental!) but it was tinged with sadness on Saturday because it was Tracy Toshiba and Smeg's last gig. They're off to music college in Brighton in the summer which is a great opportunity - we wish them both well.

But down to business! We had to make this memorable!

We blasted through two one hour sets of punk of the "fast as we can" variety, with only a short break to come up for air. The Wellington audience didn't disappoint maintaining their standard of dancing from the first song till the last. It was getting very hot and sweaty down there by the looks of it.

Smeg and Paul swapped instruments for American Idiot for the encore and much balloon bursting followed. It was a great gig to go out on but a sad night for us.

Good luck guys


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Monday, May 07, 2007

Heavy Bank Holiday Weekend

We started the weekend on Friday with a gig in Tavistock. It's a small pub but we made better use of the space than last time we were there which helped us enjoy it more. We also found that people came out earlier to watch the band than last time. Tavistock is a long journey back to Exeter so it was a late night.

Saturday saw us at The Bolton in Brixham. We arrived to find that they'd extended their licence until 1am so we reshuffled our setlist to include more songs and play three sets instead of two, with us starting at 10pm. It was nicely full, hot and sweaty as always - we do love it there! The late set and the fact that we're rubbish at clearing away quickly meant a bedtime of 4am. Very rock n roll!

And onto Sunday at the BMAD Bike Festival at Paignton. It's our third consecutive year there, this time playing in a big marquee instead of outdoors which I think gave a better atmosphere - as mentioned about the Double Locks gig, people spread out more and stay further away at outdoor stages. I wanna see the whites of their eyes, MOFO!

We watched Bates Motel when we arrived, followed by The Cadence - the whole day lineup was our myspace friends, it was great!

Then it was our turn! We rattled through an hour's set of 19 songs at lightning speed with much jumping around both on stage and in the audience. Indesit and Smeg journeyed through the crash barrier, out into the audience during Should I Stay or Should I Go to much amusement.

I definitely felt that we performed better than any other BMAD festival that we've done in the past. We're better at knowing what we want from sound engineers, how to move on a big stage.... let's face it, it's what we like!

We watched Morph close the day's music. It's the first time I've seen them, despite trying to get to one of their gigs for what seems like ages now. They had technical problems with their guitar amp so Paul lept to the rescue with his Randall amp and the show carried on to much applause and moshing in the audience.

We polished off the day by seeing SQY at the Lime Tree!

Phew! I'm knackered now!


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BMAD 2007

Sunday 6th May, and we are booked to play BMAD again. Its always been great and once again all the REOFFENDERS are pumped up expecting a great gig and also a great day out.

After a rollocking gig at The Bolton in Brixham the night before, Morph and Hoov made it to Paignton just in time to see some of the afternoon entertainment. Indeed, we were looking forward to the afternoon as the BMAD stage was to be graced by a whole load of our MySpace mates...

First up - Bates Motel - I like a rock band with a fiddle player and with Bates Motel we got that plus a whole lot more. They did some fantastic original material and I was hooked. After their show it was great to chat afterwards. Then we had to shuffle some cars around and get some food and I forgot to buy their CD. I shall be putting that right thanks to the power of the internet.

Second Up - The Cadence - we caught up with The Cadence a few months back when they were at the Village Inn and I was looking forward to see them on the big stage. What a great vibe they put out for a lovely Sunday afternoon! Faultless performance and Lil' Pete standing tall in his big hat. We had a good little dance and a sing along too (which helped to warm up the voice a bit). Always a pleasure to see and meet the Cadence.

Next Up - The REOFFENDERS - Tim on the sound warned me that the system would feedback badly if I went to climb up on the speakers (I'd hoped to do that) so I stayed at ground level for this one. We rattled through Ever Fallen in Love to soundcheck and this worked nicely to bring the folks in from outside. Nice to see some lads down the front from Plymouth who caught us previously at the Hub with the Sex Pistols Experience. Then we were off for an hour of running up and down and generally doing that REOFFENDERS thing. Highlights for me were the wonderful singing and chanting from the crowd - an excellent rendition of "Psycho" from the massed BMAD choir, and the final chant of "Brit-nee, Brit-nee" which is not something you'd expect to hear at a biker festival ;o)

And then as quick as it started I was off. I was under time pressure to get my kids back to their mum's so I rushed off in true popstar fashion hardly getting the chance to say goodbye or indeed hear Morph.

Headliners - Morph - I'm sorry I couldn't stay to watch but Heather and Paul were most mightily impressed, so I'll leave it to her to blog about how good they were. No doubt I'll see them perform soon as I know Heather want to see them again.

160 miles later I reconvened Morphy-Richards and Indesit and Hinari to catch SQA live at the Lime Tree for what turned out to be the BMAD aftershow party. And what a thunderin' good rock show that was too...

Thanks to...

All the BMAD team for working so hard to put on another fantastic weekend and especially Radar for leading on the music and kindly inviting us to play.

All the people who said nice things to us after we played. Especially the ones who thought I was ten years younger than I really am ;o) - its the make-up and the glass of ferret semen I drink each morning

Steve for coming down so soon after his operation on his leg (!) and graciously letting me "have him" during Toxic

And the sound and lights teams who did a grand job

(ok ok its sounding like a friggin Oscar acceptance speach now)

Hoover and out x


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